THE ARTIST’s primary objective is to deliver quality and authentic content for the Art and Design lovers. If you have a great story to share, then you’re more than welcome to write for us and help and inspire others with great insights.

We follow below guidelines that are very crucial for all content published here on THE ARTIST

We like and respect

  • A story worth sharing. If you’re an artist and if you have a great story to share on what you’ve created, then you’re more than welcome to write for us and help and inspire others
  • Rights and Privacy of authors and artists

We don’t like

  • Articles intend to advertise or endorse a product or brand
  • PR articles
  • Sponsored or Paid content
  • Plagiarism
  • Affiliate Marketing

Our terms

  • Article must be your own original work. Plagiarism isn’t permitted
  • Any references to other’s work or images must be cited properly. We reserve the right to change or edit the image or video if necessary
  • Guest authors will be allowed to have one link to their website. Affiliate links are not allowed in the posts.
  • The theme of the article must be around one of these themes – art, design, culture or humanity
  • The minimum word count is 1200+
  • The guest submissions are pro-bono. We do not offer any form of compensation for writing guest articles
  • Guest authors will be introduced as an author. Guest authors may submit a short bio (no more than 40-60 words) that may or may not be used while publishing the author credentials
  • We reserve the right to refuse your submission or remove a post without prior notice to the guest article writer
  • By providing a guest post to THE ARTIST, you agree that you are in no way becoming a part of THE ARTIST company
  • All articles are reviewed and approved before submission

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With the right people behind the cause, we feel that our projects will help inspire others to recognize the artist within!