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For the longest time, people have known the art to be something that merely existed. It is displayed in galleries and museums; it is studied in class. But that’s pretty much how people look at art. They rarely ask questions about it or dig deeper into every piece. They think there’s nothing beyond what they can see.

The truth is that art is more than just a practice – it is a way of life. Art is more than just a skill – it is a passion. Art is more than just an image – each one tells a story.

What is Artist PopLab?

Born out of my lifelong passion for art, design, and culture, THE Artist PopLab is an independent website, intended to tell people – Why Art Matters?

The Artist talks about art, design, and culture and showcases great works of art from around the world. We want to tell the world about the people responsible for these historically renowned masterpieces – the artists themselves. Aside from showing to them other works made by these famous artists, we also want people to know what they were like, what sort of ideas pop out of their heads, and where they got their inspirations.

THE ARTIST’s primary objective is to deliver inspiring and authentic content for the Art, Design and Culture lovers

To do this, we make it a point to answer questions most people don’t really look into when they look at a piece of art, such as:

  • What is the inspiration behind a work of art?
  • Why did the artist make this?
  • How much time does one spend in his or her life to make such a masterpiece?
  • How did this work impact its immediate society as well as the future generation?
  • What message about life does this work of art seek to convey?
  • How can this work of art inspire me?
  • And so much more…

Our Dream

A world full of Artists

We don’t just want to show inspiration, we want to spread it. We envision a world that’s full of artists in all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life, who have drawn their inspiration from the collections and stories The Artist will showcase.

We want more artists in this world – something we believe that can only do more good for the world.

Our Mission

We bring inspiration and imagination to every artists in the world

We have made it our personal endeavor to allow artists to draw inspiration from no less than the best works of art in the world. We want people to be able to harness the same kind of energy and motivation great artists used to change the course of history, and use that power to change the world today. To do that, The Artist needs to bring that inspiration to them in the best way possible – through a full understanding of the world’s greatest artworks and how they came to be.

We want artists to gain the inspiration to create, the courage to share, and the passion to appreciate art in the best way possible.

If you believe in this cause, I invite artists of all kinds and from all walks of life to share your stories and experiences with art. Together, we can spread inspiration to those who are yet to create art, and to bring even more inspiration to those who have already harnessed it.

THE ARTIST’s social media handler is @theartistsocial. You may find us on FacebookTwitter, Flipboard, Pinterest and G+

THE ARTIST is universal, supporting the cause and maintaining it through those who share my passion. With these great minds and, hopefully, yours, we can make The Artist’s dream a reality.

Come in!

Afzal Ibrahim

THE ARTIST is a subsidiary of Kyle Design Ventures, 4/1284, Kerala, India, 691571