Lagos Art

Lagos Lagos is considered to be the art and economic capital of Nigeria. Over the years, people have learned to love art and the practice of art has evolved dramatically

Nigeria: Witness the Unseen Growth, Culture, and Arts

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa. In fact, one in every five Africans is Nigerian. It is also the country that predominantly influences the economy and culture, spreading its development to other parts of the continent at a surprisingly fast rate. In fact, it even outpaces some western countries that are having economic problems. Nigeria is also one of the largest producers of oil, putting it at the top 5 in terms of growth rank. All this and more makes Nigeria a potential powerhouse.

However, Nigeria is also a nice place to visit. The villages outside of Lagos are great for those who want to go exploring the natural environment of Africa while experiencing the local culture and learning about their history. Take time to witness the ancient cities north of the river deltas where you will find old shrines, remains of ancient kingdoms, and legacies of former tribal conflicts. The journey will be exhausting, but it will all be worth it. Don’t forget to visit the Kainji and Yankari National Parks, as they are good spots of natural sites in Nigeria.

Much like its economy, Nigeria also has a thriving art and music scene – a fact that is often covered up by news of politics and the economy. Go to the Nimbus Art Gallery and you’ll find a neighbourhood filled with murals depicting contemporary art. Terra Kulture is a sought after venue for many art auctions, book readings, and even language classes. There is also a growing trend of experimental visual art in Nigeria, much of which is facilitated by the Centre for Contemporary Art.

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]Some of the most popular contemporary artworks include the Okoroko by Bruce Onobrakpeya, who used lino engraving to produce his work.[/quote_colored] Fashion designer Vistori Udondian uses textiles woven together to create works of art that follow a cultural theme.

All in all, there’s more to Nigeria than you might seem to think. It is growing economically and culturally, and it’s best for you to go out there and see for yourself.

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