Shanghai is an enchanting city in eastern China.

It is a city full of surprises. From exotic foods and creative art galleries to its mystical temples and art deco buildings, Shanghai has a lot to offer to every traveller out there. It is also home to one of China’s most prestigious art events, the Shanghai Art Festival. Experience the ever wonderful world of Shanghai Art through this remarkable festival that this city has to offer.

Shanghai has an extraordinary museum located in the suburban campus fifty miles away from the city proper, the Shanghai Sex Museum. It exhibits some unusual sexual behavior, sex in primitive society and all other information about sexual behavior and activity.

Shanghai Art and Design Highlights

  • Shanghai Museum houses China’s world-class collections of bronzes, paintings, sculpture, ceramics, jade and Ming and Qing dynasty furniture.
  • The Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum contains the site of one of only two synagogues in Shanghai, the Ohel Moshe Synagogue, along with two exhibition halls.
  • The Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Centre is an incredible place where thousands of art propaganda in China was hidden and many rescued from recycling centers and rubbish bins.
  • The China Art Museum houses the most important displays of Chinese art in a spectacular building.
  • The Power Station of Art is a stunning art museum located in a renovated power station where some of Shanghai’s special events are held.

Top 10 art galleries in Shanghai, China


Aike-dell’Arco started its activity in 2005 in Palermo Italy and later on opened its branch in Shanghai in 2008. The tidy and well-lighted art space is located in Room 102, Bldg 0, 50 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai. The gallery is dedicated to promote the exchange and the dialogue between the Chinese artists’ community and the international one. They conduct a period of study and artistic research and after that the results will be shown in the exhibition that they will produce. This is a unique program that the gallery conducts each year. Website  Location

AroundSpace Gallery

Established in 2006 in the heart of downtown Shanghai, AroundSpace Gallery resides in an Art Deco office building in Suite 703, No. 33 Si Chuan M. Rd. close to Guang Dong Rd., Shanghai. The Gallery has been devoting itself to discovering and promoting contemporary Chinese art, as well as enhancing and deepening the exchange and collaboration between Chinese artists and international art community. The artists that the Gallery represents range from established abstract artists to emerging young sculptor.   Location

Art Labor

Art Labor is a contemporary art gallery located in the former French Concession in 570 Yongjia lu, Building 4, #411, Shanghai. Art Labor emphasizes on originality and high quality of production in all media, with ethical representation and marketing. The founder of the gallery considered Shanghai as fast becoming the center of artistic creation and financial power in Asia that made him put up the gallery in the city. Website  Location

Art+ Shanghai Gallery

Art+ Shanghai Gallery was founded in October 2007 by four partners who share a long passion and involvement in art. The art space is bursting with elegance and is situated in 191 South Suzhou Road, Shanghai. Art+ Shanghai Gallery echoes Shanghai’s forward-thinking international tone with conceptually stimulating projects that approach art as something more. The gallery embraces an innovative approach and encourages their artists to be keen and keep their burning passion for the art to help them gain success in the art world. Website  Location

IFA gallery

Established in 2006 in 733 Wanhangdu Road, Shanghai, IFA gallery is widely known for conducting a quality exhibition program of principally Chinese contemporary art. The gallery offers a wide variety of media such as painting to photography, video, installation and performance. The gallery is also oriented towards South East Asian art, and the work of artists, regardless of origin, that have a specific influence or association with Asia. The presents young emerging and well-established artists and promote them based in the ever-evolving contemporary art. Website  Location

M97 Gallery

M97 Gallery was founded in 2006 and has become one of largest galleries in Shanghai. The huge art space is located in No. 97 Moganshan Road, 2nd floor, Shanghai. Consistently exhibiting contemporary and fine art photography that spans all genres of the medium, M97 represents an eclectic range of important emerging and established artists working with photography. The gallery works in close collaboration with corporations and institutions and offer big help for the productions of world-class art. M97 has been dedicated to helping set standards and expand understanding and appreciation for the history and art of photography in China. Website  Location

Leo Xu Projects

Leo Xu Projects was the creation of a talented artist, Leo Xu. The simple yet chic art space is located in Lane 49, Building 3, Fuxing Xi Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai. The space exhibits a dynamic program of shows and events featuring a young generation of artists living in China who work in a variety of media. By supporting off-site projects with Chinese and international institutions and creative, the gallery also seeks to create dialogue across professions and disciplines and to capture the spirit and aesthetics of the time. Website  Location

Osage Gallery

Osage Gallery was first established in Hong Kong but later on created their space in Shanghai in 2004. It is situated in Room 101, Block 5, Wang Zu City, 251 Cao Xi Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai. Osage has become well known in the art world for its uncompromising support for the most challenging and critically thought-provoking contemporary art. It aims to be a catalyst for the creative expression of the artists and the active engagement of audiences by embracing a global, multidisciplinary and diverse approach to the creation, presentation and interpretation of a diverse network of practices and works. The gallery regularly conducts curated exhibitions and participates in widely-known art events locally and abroad. Website  Location

Noeli Gallery

Noeli Gallery had successfully opened its doors to the public in 2007. The art space is located in a historic house in 150B Yue Yang Road, Shanghai. Noeli Gallery aims to share and communicate the passion of art. It devotes itself to promoting potential academic Chinese artists as well as artists from all over the world, offering them an art platform and great opportunities for exchanging experience and communication. The gallery helps in promoting their artists by hosting several exhibitions each year to showcase their amazing art pieces. Website  Location

OFOTO gallery

Launched in 2006, OFOTO gallery is located in an airy and brightly painted space in 2F, 13 Building, 50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai. It has collaborated with more than 60 artists by holding over 60 exhibitions successfully and invited several well-known experts from home and abroad as curators or academic supports. OFOTO strives to discover and cultivate emerging young photographers with individuality in idea or in technique, and offers them a platform for exhibition, communication and development in order to help them in their pursuit of art and mature together with the gallery. That is the reason for their huge success in the art world and has been continuing their goals for a brighter future of their career. Website  Location

Shanghai is indeed a place that you should not miss to visit in your lifetime. The food, the people, the uniquely designed art deco buildings, the exciting Shanghai Art scenes and the exotic cuisines are just some of the things to never be missed. Those are the things that would create the best memories when you visit this astonishing city in China.


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