Bangalore (Bengaluru) is one of the most progressive and hippest cities in India. If you want to have a cool-down and craving for delicious foods and relaxing drinks, then this is the place in India that you need to unwind to. But if you are up to an interesting search for art, experience India’s art through Art Bengaluru. It is the most reputed festivals in India art.

A unique dance village in Bangalore known as Nrityagram is definitely worth a visit. You will experience and learn the city’s traditional dance in a place with beautiful natural environment that is peaceful to the senses.

Bangalore Art and Design Highlights

Top 10 art galleries in India

Mahua Art Gallery

Mahua Art Gallery was established in 2002 by Sadhana Jaipuria. The beautiful art space is located at 344/8, 4th Main Road (Above Vijaya Bank), Sadashivnagar, Bangalore 560080, India. The gallery specializes in contemporary art and collaborated with various artists that range from the upcoming up to the most renowned ones. The founder also established Mahua Arts Foundation to further support the art scene in the city. Aside from conducting regular exhibitions in the gallery, they also participate in various art events within the country and abroad. Website  Location

Crimson Gallery

Crimson has been in the art scene of Bangalore since 1989 promoting various forms of fine arts. The gallery is located in a unique and chic exhibition space at The Hatworks Boulevard, 32 Cunningham Road, Bangalore – 560 025, India. The gallery has played an important role for promoting the growth of the art scene in Bangalore. They have an expansive set of programs that is both dedicated to modern and contemporary in different forms and styles such as realistic, pop, contemporary, modern, post-modern or ethnic art. Website  Location

Gallery Sumukha

Opened in 1996, Gallery Sumukha has been very successful over the years of its existence. The huge space is situated at 24/10 BTS Depot Road, Wilson Garden, Bangalore, India 560027. The gallery promotes arts in various mediums such as paintings, graphics, sculptures, drawings, and new-media such as installation, digital prints & digitalized photograph. They provide a platform for all the aspiring artists that want to introduce their art works to the local and international scene. Website  Location

Renaissance Gallerie

Renaissance Gallerie was inaugurated in 1993 and has become one of the most established art galleries in the city. It is located in a sophisticated and warm space at Regency Chandra 1/1Cunningham Cross Road, Bangalore, India 560052. Since its inception, the gallery has established its own identity and has gained the trust of a lot of customers and artists alike. They have a large group of clients that range from Bollywood stars, ministers and businessmen, all with one element in common: the love of art. Through the support and loyalty of its clients, they have gained reputable status in the art scene of Bangalore and across different countries abroad. Website  Location

Time and Space

Time and Space was launched in 1995 as an experimental venture that soon became a successful art gallery in Bangalore. It is located in a bright and clean space at 55 Lavelle Road, Bangalore 560 001, India. The gallery once started as a small venture to the art world, but through the joint efforts of its artists and by being dedicated, it has now become one of the most successful art galleries in the city. They believe that art comes from within each person and interpret it through different forms which they find comfortable with. The gallery works towards synthesis and synergy. Website  Location

Gallery G

Launched in 2003 by Gitanjali Mainiduring , Gallery G is one of India’s most progressive young art galleries. It is situated in a warm and cozy setting at Maini Sadan, 38 Lavelle Rd, 7th Cross, Bangalore 560001. The gallery has been supporting upcoming and well-established artists since the beginning and has made an important role to their success as an artist. Professionalism is important to them and through that, it has lead them successfully to the international art scene. Website  Location

Kynkyny Art

Kynkyny Art was founded in 2004 strongly dedicated in promoting contemporary fine art. Its present location exudes beauty and serenity at 104 Embassy Square, 148 Infantry Road, Bangalore, India 560001. The gallery support emerging and established artists creating various forms of art like painting, sculpture, figurative or abstract, mixed media and oil on canvas or etching. Kynkyny Art wants to bring awareness about contemporary art in India and enrich the lives of art enthusiasts by providing world-class art and bring it closer to them by conducting regular shows and exhibitions. Website  Location

KalaRasa Art House

KalaRasa Art House opened its doors in 2013. The huge and newly established art space is located at 6th Floor, “The High street Mall”, 11th Main, Jayanagar 4th Block, Bangalore, India – 560011. The gallery offers a huge space for art exhibition that also has an auditorium, a library and a café. They have a wide array of programs represented by well-established and upcoming artists. They promote sincerity and originality of the art pieces that they create and believe the desirability of producing good art. Website  Location


Thalam is a new gallery in Bangalore’s art scene that was established in 2013. The simple yet chic art space is located at Level 2, 80, Krishna Reddy Colony, Domlur, Bangalore – 560 071. The gallery was created by a group of art enthusiasts that share the same goals for promoting contemporary visual art in the city. They are inspired by the beauty of nature in their art pieces which they believe is the ultimate stage for artistic expression. Website  Location

Raga Arts

Founded by Mrs G.S. Leela in 2000, Raga Arts has been contributing successfully in Bangalore’s art scene for 15 years. The vivid and well-lighted art space can be visited at # 10, (Old no: 1876) 38th B cross, 11th Main road, Jayanagar 4th ‘T’ Block, Opp: Shalini Ground, Bangalore – 560041. The founder has been greatly passionate about art since early childhood and has gained a lot of talents through painting, singing, musical instruments and other classical arts. She had even established the Raga Craft Promotion Council in support to aspiring artists that needs aiding and promoting in their chosen fields of art. They have already has adopted over 75 rural artists from all over India. Website  Location

As a relaxing and hip city, Bangalore offers a beautiful and livable atmosphere to every traveler that sets foot in the place. The foods paired with craft beer, vibrant Bangalore Art scene and its rich colonial-era heritage will absolutely make your trip worth coming back for.


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