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jakartaJakarta is an inspiring city that presents great surprises to every traveller that sets foot in the place

Indonesia: Overwhelmingly Diverse

With more than 17,000 islands with about 8,000 inhabited by people speaking over 300 different tongues, visiting Indonesia is going to be a game of numbers for all the wonderful sights to see and cultures to experience. So get ready to be outnumbered and, more importantly, overwhelmed.

As far as landscapes and natural sights are concerned, the most beaches and volcanoes are the most sought after in Indonesia. Go to Sumatra and you’ll find those beautiful volcanoes. You can even see them at a bird’s eye view. More importantly, you should make sure to see Lake Toba, the world’s largest volcanic lake. For wildlife, go to the Kerinchi Seblat National Park for tigers, elephants, and lots of flower species, or the Komodo National Park to see the fierce Komodo dragon.

Aside from its many shopping malls, Sulawesi is a place of great architectural sites and some historically significant cemeteries, memorials, and tombs.

For a more urban scene, you’ll want to start with the largest city of the country, Jakarta. It’s a bit congested, but its hustle and bustle is part of the charm. Here you’ll find lots of attractions and theme parks to check out. This is also where you’ll find the Presidential Palace as well as the Jakarta History Museum.

The visual arts scene in Indonesia is described as abundant and diverse, comprising an infinitely huge collection of paintings, carvings, textiles, and more. Because of this, you will literally find them everywhere – on vases, textiles, wood carvings and even in woven baskets.
These visual works were influences primarily by tradition and religion which, as we already know, is vastly divers in Indonesia. Make sure you visit the Jakarta Art Building, Kunstkring Art Gallery, and the National Gallery of Indonesia for maximum exposure.

Given the numbers, there’s just so much to see and many more to be done when visiting Indonesia. Now would be a good time as any to get started.

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