Singapore Art


Singapore is a cosmopolitan access point of the East and the West when it comes to art.

Singapore: Innovating the Asian Experience

While there may have been a time when Singapore was not considered to be an exciting tourist destination that is definitely not the case anymore. Through the years Singapore has managed to reinvent itself to become one of Asia’s top tourist stops. It is the country of modern architecture surrounded by beautiful gardens, contemporary works of art, cultural stops and, of course, great food. All in all, Singapore is pretty confident you’ll find something to come back to when you first visit.

For one thing, Singapore is an amazing shopping spot. Buying at retail has never been this fun, with all the affordable prices for really good and genuine products that you might find overpriced elsewhere. If the malls aren’t enough, you can explore local marketplaces to find Chinese medicine, good food, books, antiques, and other merchandise. If you’re hungry from all that shopping, you can bet that you’re somewhere close to the country’s famous hawker places, where you can eat lots of good food at an affordable price.

One of the bigger contributors to the increased tourism in Singapore is its “integrated resorts”, or the casino complexes in Sentosa and Marina Bay. While you may not be into gambling, the place itself is worth going around at night.

If you want something a bit more exciting than the country’s soothing botanical gardens, you can travel to Singapore’s rainforests where you’ll find some interesting wildlife, or go boating around islands.

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]One of the best places to have your fill of classic and contemporary art is to go to the Art Science Museum. Aside from the complex being an artistically constructed view in itself, the complex houses over 21 galleries dedicated to both science and art creations.[/quote_colored] For those looking for a gallery more dedicated to Asian culture, the Asian Civilizations Museum is the place to go to. Of course, make sure you don’t miss the annual Singapore International Festival of Arts.

Give your sense of adventure a fresh perspective by discovering the brand new way Singapore markets itself to the rest of the world.

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