Seoul Art


Bask into the city full of wonders where you get to experience the traditional custom merged with modern grandeur.

South Korea: A Balance of All Experiences

While most people know the South Korean flag to symbolize the division between the Korean Peninsula, it is actually also a symbol for the balance between many extremes, all brought about by 5000 years of heritage, history, and culture.

For one thing, South Korea is a beautiful mix of what’s ancient and modern. While you will find Seoul to be filled with remnants of the history in the form of reconstructed palaces and the hillside tribes, you will also find the place to be riddled with comprehensive railways stations, tall structures, and advanced urban settings. In fact, South Korea has a very lively city life, almost like they’re always on the move 24/7, given that they’re active even at night. One of the best urban spots includes the port city of Yeosu, where you can find the Hallyeo Ocean Park and the Dolsan Bridge.

You can also hike up the mountains through some of South Korea’s national parks such as the Jirisan and Seoraksan National Parks, or hit the road all the way to the farmlands and fishing spots. These are amazing spots to relax in. But on the flipside, the locals in these spots also know how to party, with various festivals depending on where you are. South Koreans are a very friendly people despite their demeanour, and are willing to share their knowledge and culture with anyone who is open to listen.

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]South Korea also has a very active art scene, with lots of festivals happening every year. Check out the SeMA Biennale and the Korea International Art Fair, some of the country’s most prominent art fairs. [/quote_colored]The Artside Gallery and the Samsung Museum of Art, among others, are very popular private art galleries that you can also visit.

If you’re looking for a very balanced trip involving adventure and relaxation, South Korea is definitely the place to be.

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