Vietnam Art

Vietnam Art

Hoi an Art

Hoi anIt is a city of Vietnam, on the coast of the South China Sea in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam.

Vietnam: Exposure Yourself to Breathtaking Beauty

Vietnam may have once been remembered as a country shaped by war, rebellion, and colonisation, but it is no longer so today. In fact, it is now one of the most sought after destinations by tourists from all walks of life.

Perhaps this is all attributed to the fact that the Vietnamese’s are the most driven of all people. Historically, they were able to turn what was once a very poor country into what it is today. Aside from being very resilient, they are very energetic and are quite fond of socializing with foreigners.

In fact, talking to them will net you some pretty nifty ideas to do while in Vietnam. For instance, you can go past the Hia Van Pass in the centre of Vietnam on motorbike, or kite surfing over the ocean of Mui Ne. You can also go on a hiking trip around the hills of BAC Ha or Sapa.

After you’ve spent all your energy, you can rejuvenate yourself in any of Vietnam’s best spas scattered all over the country at rates that are friendly to travellers and locals alike. You will also satiate your appetite with the wide range of options brought to you by Vietnamese cooking, especially their soups that make use of native and unique spices and herbs.

Vietnam’s vibrant art scene is also worth checking out. One of the most anticipated events by both locals and tourists is the Hue Festival where, apart from traditional games and historical events presentations, the country’s arts are also showcased as part of celebrating Vietnamese culture.
If you want more contemporary pieces, go to the Cactus Gallery as well as the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum in Ho Chi Minh.

Although the two are somewhere related, the Vietnamese culture is definitely different from their Chinese counterparts. Visit the country for a few days and you’ll find out why.

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