Brussels is the hippest city when it comes to the art arena. It is considered as the mecca of fashion, art and design. As you roam around the city, you’ll get fascinated of its majestic architectures, great number of noteworthy museums and urbane art galleries. Brussels is also home to one of Europe’s most prestigious contemporary art event, the ArtBrussels. You’ll get to experience Brussels Art at its best with all the cutting-edge masterpieces of the world’s most prominent artists.

If there’s anything that you should not miss while in Brussels, it is the world’s famous Belgian chocolate. In the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate, you don’t just get to try this mouthwatering food, but you will discover how it is made. The most essential part of this museum is the demonstration of how Belgian chocolates are made in the traditional way.

Brussels Art and Design Highlights

  • Grand Place is the most popular landmark in Brussels and considered as one of the most attractive medieval square in Europe.
  • The MIM (Musical Instruments Museum) is renowned for its being unique and its huge collections of musical instruments.
  • The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium houses is a large museum in Brussels that contains 20,000 art pieces from the 15th century up to the present.
  • Galeries Saint-Hubert is the first of its kind in Europe that boasts a glazed shopping arcade under an arched glass-paned roof.
  • Magritte Museum houses the best collections of the renowned Belgian artist, René Magritte.

Top 10 art galleries in Brussels:

CENTRALE for contemporary art

CENTRALE for contemporary art was inaugurated in 2006 as the main source of contemporary arts in Brussels. It is housed in a huge building at Place Sainte-Catherine 44 Sint-Katelijneplein – Bruxelles 1000 Brussel. The gallery seeks to establish a place for exhibition and for artistic creations best suited for every art enthusiasts in the city. One of the gallery’s main goals is to spread the appreciation of contemporary art not just within the country but also abroad. They want to establish their own identity in the international art scene. Website Location

Isabelle de Borchgrave Studio

Isabelle de Borchgrave Studio was first established in a small studio way back in the 70s. Now it has become one of the leading fashion and design studios in Brussels. Its chic and modern studio is located at 73A Chaussée de Vleurgat, B-1050 Brussels. Isabelle de Borchgrave works are in variations of hand-painted clothes, rolls of fabrics strewn, pigments, brushes, gouaches, canvasses, pastels and travel journals, everything alongside each other in a friendly, colorful and modern setting. She is now one of the leading names in the fashion and design industries making it closely associated to the world of design in national and international scene. Website Location

Xavier Hufkens Gallery

Since its opening in 1987, Xavier Hufkens Gallery has maintained its status as one of Europe’s leading contemporary art galleries. Once an un-refurbished warehouse, has now become a modish and uniquely designed space at 6 rue St-Georges | St-Jorisstraat, Brussels. The gallery offers a diverse interdisciplinary programs that deals with a combination of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video and installation-based art. They have always put quality first in every art pieces that their artists make and have never failed to become successfully renowned in the art scene. Website Location

Galerie Greta Meert

Originally named as Galerie Meert Rihoux when it opened in 1988, Galerie Greta Meert was then changed to its new and latest name after its director, Greta Meert. The gallery is situated in a gigantic modern Art Nouveau building at Vaartstraat 13 Rue du Canal, 1000 Bruxelles. The gallery has been focusing in promoting Minimalistic approach to Conceptual art and photography. It has brought huge names to the international art arena, thanks to its ever talented and innovative group of artists. Website Location

Galerie Catherine Bastide

Galerie Catherine Bastide has been in the arts arena for 15 years promoting contemporary art. You’ll get awed as you visit its incredible place at 67 Rue de la Régence, Regentschapsstraat 67, B-1000 Brussels. The gallery presents a calming and relaxing ambience and state-of-the-art masterpieces. It encompasses a broad spectrum when it comes to their approach in the fields of art like contemporary artistic practices, from post-appropriationism works, to painting, sculpture, time-based performances, video work and photography, driven by poetic and political issues. The gallery encourages innovation and experimentation to their set of artists and conducts regular exhibition shows and participated in world-class art events across the globe. Website Location

Albert Baronian Gallery

Albert Baronian Gallery is one of the oldest galleries in Brussels that was established in 42 years ago. The gallery welcomes their visitor to a comfortable environment situated at 2 Rue Isidore Verheyden, 1050 Brussels. Albert Baronian Gallery is dedicated in presenting contemporary but still opens its doors to other important art movements in the present era. The gallery plays a major role to the success of their artists by supporting them in each art events that they participate in and by conducting regular shows for subject for viewing to a large public. Website Location

Meessen De Clercq

Meessen De Clercq started its first exhibition in 2008 that specializes in promoting contemporary art. It is situated in a three-story building at Abdijstraat 2a Rue de l’Abbaye, 1000 Brussels. The gallery has a group of talented artists that brings its name to the international art scene by participating in different art events worldwide. The gallery also publishes catalogues and editions in collaboration with the represented artists, in order to promote and distribute their work. Website Location

MOT gallery Brussels

Founded by three promising artists, Chris Hammond, Floyd Varey and Mally Mallinson in London in 2002, MOT gallery has extended to Brussels to become part of the flourishing art scene in the city. The gallery is open for public viewing at Place du Petit Sablon, 10, Brussels. MOT Gallery is an independent space that has a group of talented and competent artists that share same passion for the art. They have been participating in prestigious art events in other countries bringing the name of the gallery and endow a major contribution to the gallery’s success. Website Location

Elisa Platteau Gallery

Established in 2008, Elisa Platteau Gallery is one of the many galleries in Brussels that promotes contemporary art. The exhibition space is located in an Art Deco building at 44, Rue Ravensteinstraatb–1000 Brussels. The gallery conducts regular solo and group exhibitions represented by their group of outstanding artists. They offer diverse programs that would keep up with the present day innovations of the art world. Website Location

Almine Rech Gallery

Initially based in France, Almine Rech Gallery has opened its doors in Brussels in 2007. The well-lighted and well-organized exhibition space is located at Rue de l’Abbaye Abdijstraat, 20, B-1050 Brussels. The gallery is dedicated in promoting contemporary art and has a set of committed and brilliant artists that has never failed to bring the name of the gallery successfully in the international art scene. They have a deep value for quality and originality and unceasingly exert great effort to provide world-class arts for the appreciation of the public. Location

Brussels is endowed with ceaseless and effortless beauty that will last for a lifetime. With all the great Brussels Art scenes, equally delicious and scrumptious cuisines, world-class architectures and opulent history and culture, you get to experience all these when you go wander around the streets of the capital city of Belgium.


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