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Get inspired by Czech’s capital city as you wander into Prague’s artistic spirit and enticing beauty that you wouldn’t expect to exist after a prosperous interwar era


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Czech Republic: Experience History like No Other

For a country that’s joined the international community a bit later than others, the Czech Republic has not been left behind when it came to making its own proud history. It does a pretty good job of showcasing most, if not all of it, as well. With all the castles and chateaux still abound, the country definitely had no trouble preserving its history right down to its very roots while progressing with the rest of the world.

The historical assets of the country are very representative of the most influential families that have existed in the Czech Republic since its inception, with their reputations even crossing borders. For those going back to basics, you’ll want to look at both the histories of Moravia and Bohemia, since they are the main divisions of the country.

Aside from history, the Czech Republic Art is well known and Czech is a great destination for those looking for an artistic experience as well. While there are many galleries and displays all over the country, art enthusiasts will want to start off with the Czech National Gallery in Prague. The collection is so vast that they are segregated into major portions. The St. Agnes Convent hosts a wide collection of medieval art. The Schwarzenbersky Palace, on the other hand, keeps the works created from the Renaissance to Baroque periods. Finally, the Sternbersky Palace was dedicated to Old European Art.

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]Fill yourself with these visual images before heading out to take a bike trip from Prague to Vienna, or simply go backpacking in Telc and Cesky Krumlov. [/quote_colored]Many of the villages you will visit will proudly carry their own historical identities while still forming part of a unified Europe, making it a heritage definitely worth seeing and experiencing first hand.

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