Get inspired by Czech’s capital city as you wander into Prague’s artistic spirit and enticing beauty that you wouldn’t expect to exist after a prosperous interwar era. Prague has now become one of the favorite places in Europe for curious wanderlusts. It is also home to Czech’s largest film festival known as Febiofest. The festival presents a wide array of contemporary films for the appreciation of the viewing public and for discovering the true beauty of Prague Art.

When you explore further in the forests in Petrin, you will find a small hill that will lead you to a magical cave known as the Argondia created by famous painter and sculptor, Reon. Inside, you’d get lost in a mind-blowing art that fills-up the place. It seems to be an otherworldly cave because of its incredible works of art.

Prague Art and Design Highlights

  • The Prague Castle is the famous landmark in Prague towering over the Vltava.
  • The National Gallery in the Sternberg Palace showcases the most important collections of European art from antiquity to the late Baroque.
  • Trade Fair Palace is an enormous six-floor building known for its huge collections of modern and contemporary arts.
  • DOX Centre for Contemporary Art is a unified art hub that contains an exhibitions space, a library, a design store and a café.
  • The Lobkowicz Palace is one of the oldest museums in Prague that houses over 600 years of Czech European history.

Top 10 art galleries in Prague:

Galerie Rudolfinum

Galerie Rudolfinum was founded in 1994 that deals mainly with contemporary art. Its huge space and unique architectural design can be visited at Alšovo nábřeží 12, 110 01 Prague. Since its opening, the gallery has been conducting regular exhibitions and special art events that would cater to a lot of art enthusiasts in Prague. They organize lectures, issue catalogs and publications, seminars and other similar activities relating to art. Website Location

DEA ORH Art Gallery

Opened its doors in 2009, DEA ORH Art Gallery has now become one of Czech’s most successful art galleries. The exhibition space has a sophisticated touch in its interiors and is located at Kozí 917/3, 110 00 Prague. The gallery promotes contemporary art and represents variety of talents ranging from new emerging to the well-established ones. The artists played a big role in the success of the gallery by participating in prestigious art events across the country and over the world. Website Location

Dvorak Sec Contemporary

Founded by two major artists Olga Dvorak and Petr Sec, Dvorak Sec Contemporary opened its doors in 2008. The space is roomy and adorned with bright lightings situated at Dlouhá 5, 110 00 Prague. The gallery is dedicated in promoting modern and contemporary art from artists with high-caliber of artistic skills. Aside from participating in world-renowned art events, they also provide expert advice and consultation to their clients who are interested to purchase world-class masterpieces. Website Location

ETC. Gallery

Launched in 2004, ETC. Gallery was the first gallery in Prague that conducts independent exhibitions during that time. It is located in a clean and well-organized space at Sarajevská 16, Prague. The gallery aims to provide a unique space for a theoretical reflection of the art which also provides lectures, seminars and art presentations. They have been successful for presenting art with good values and discipline and not to mention, talented and competent artists. Website Location

Galerie Patro

Since its opening in 2006, Galerie Patro remains to be standing successfully in Czech’s art scene. It has a unique exhibition space located at Myslíkova 9, 110 00 Prague. The gallery promotes mainly in contemporary art and photography. It seeks to provide a good and reputable space for skilled artists of all generations and encourages them to gradually develop their skills in line with the recent innovation of creative arts. The gallery aspires to keep up with the ever diverse nature of today’s art world. Website Location

Galerie Domino

Launched in 1992, Galerie Domino remains to be one of the longest running galleries in Prague today. The gallery can be visited anytime at Wuchterlova 584/16, 160 00 Prague. Galerie Domino promotes a wide variety of art from the 19th century art up to today’s modern art specializing in various mediums such as graphics, ceramics, paintings, sculpture, glass, jewelry and all other special art forms. The gallery always makes it to a point to check the quality of the art that they have been presenting to their wide array of clienteles. This has been one of their values for keeping success at their hands. Website Location

Galerie Fotografic

Galerie Fotografic was opened in 2003 in an old abandoned space in the historical center of Prague. The re-constructed building is now fully developed and awaiting for visitors at Stříbrná 2, 110 00 Prague. Evident of its name, the gallery focuses on contemporary photography and conducts various art experiments welcoming young and emerging artists to participate in their regular shows and exhibitions. They also welcome foreign artists to enjoy the programs that they are organizing in the place. Website Location

ES Gallery

ES Gallery is one outstanding art gallery in Prague inaugurated in 1997. The gallery is situated in a huge and uniquely designed space at Nuselská 5, 140 00 Prague. ES Gallery promotes contemporary arts and displays art pieces in various forms like paintings, prints and sculptures from talented and proficient artists. The gallery is made up of two ares, the first of which is dedicated to scriptural works and the second is especially dedicated to the displays of graphic and painting. Website Location

MIRO Gallery

MIRO Gallery is an old gallery in Prague which started its operation since 1987. The gallery has a tremendous exhibition space in Strahov Monastery located at Church of St. Rochus, Strahovské nádvoří 1/132, 118 00 Prague. MIRO Gallery has been collaborating with different celebrated artists from Berlin, Bilbao, Zurich and Paris. They do not just display exceptional art pieces but they also offer art consultations and acquisitions of works of international classical modern art and top contemporary art in Czech Republic. Website Location

Galerie Pecka

Originally named as Gallery Vysehrad, Galerie Pecka was established in 1991 as being one of the first private galleries in Prague. The gallery is located in an old building at Vratislavova 24, 128 00 Prague. The primary focus of the gallery is conducting solo exhibitions for both foreign and local artists. They also have other services to offer like providing consultation and advice concerning art and art collections, archiving and packaging art works. Website Location

The beauty of Prague is like a backdraft draping in an ancient wall. The awesome structures that mark the richness of their history, the unique Prague Art and culture, world-class cuisine and the best beer in the world are just some of the things that would make you want to come back this remarkable city.