Copenhagen Art

CopenhagenCopenhagen is home to Denmark’s vibrant art and culture which has a rich history that can be traced from its elite ancient royalty way back in the early 16th century.


Denmark: Living the Good Life

Gone are the days when Denmark is remembered for the Danish Vikings that had terrorized the lands of Europe. Today, Denmark is admired by the global community as an idealized society, thanks to its very progressive political climate, firm sustainability in many aspects, and impressive architecture, culture, and urban planning.

There’s very little left in Denmark that could be considered backwards, given that it’s one of the few countries in this world that have notably closed the gaps between its social classes. This egalitarian way of living naturally brought out the best in everyone in Denmark, bringing to life a host of art, architecture, food and entertainment throughout the country.

Indeed, the locals are not the only ones that are attractive in Denmark. There you’ll witness beautiful architecture preserved in their Renaissance inspired designs. You’ll also have the opportunity to bike through the roads of Bornholm, or simply view the sandy beaches and lakes found everywhere. While the nature scenes in Denmark are not extremely boastful, they find their charm and beauty in simplicity.

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]Reykjavik’s i8 Gallery is home to Iceland’s best artists along with foreign masterpieces. There are also galleries that dedicate themselves to local talents such as the Kling & Bang. You’re going to want to watch out for the meditative sculptures or Ragna Robertsdottirs. [/quote_colored]The Galleria Henio and Forum Box are good spots to head to if you’re in Finland. Watch out for the ethereal paintings of Anna Tuori. German artists along with locals are also showcased in Copenhagen’s Galleri Bo Bjerggaard.

To end your art trips, head over to local artist stops and enjoy good food while being surrounded by local works of art.

Don’t be shy when you set foot in Denmark. They have a way of making you experience the life there as the locals would. After all, they have always been very inclusive.

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