Art in Copenhagen is a merge of uniqueness and sophistication.
Copenhagen is home to Denmark’s vibrant art and culture which has a rich history that can be traced from its elite ancient royalty way back in the early 16th century. It is also home to prestigious art events such as Art Copenhagen which is Denmark’s largest art fairs that every art lovers look forward to annually presenting large range of galleries and artists from around the world. Art galleries spread all over the city that contributes to Copenhagen Art scene.
One eye-catching place in this city is the Freetown Christiania which is located in the borough of Christianshavn in Copenhagen. The town is well-known for its contribution to the environment because it promotes a green and car-free neighborhood, which is so unique for a progressive country like Denmark. The town is considered as an autonomous area, having their own flag and currency. The town is full of art galleries, restaurants, cafés, and historic buildings that would bring fascination to every art lovers out there.

Copenhagen Art and Design Highlights

  • Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek presents one of Europe’s largest collections of Ancient Mediterranean Art.
  • The David Collection showcases a large collection of Islamic Art and English furniture from the 18th-20th century.
  • Denmark’s National Museum is Denmark’s largest museum which contains which contains Danish’s rich history from the Stone Age up to the Modern times.
  • Louisiana Museum of Modern Art tops the list of the most visited museums in Denmark and ranked as top 85 in the world in 2011.
  • Frilandsmuseet is a unique open-air museum in Copenhagen and is one of the oldest open-air museums in the world which dated back in 1897.

Top 10 Art Galleries in Copenhagen, Denmark:

Martin Asbæk Gallery

The Martin Asbæk Gallery which is situated in a brightly-lit space at Bredgade 23, 1260, Copenhagen was established in 2005 by Martin Asbæk and focuses mainly in Contemporary Scandinavian as well as international art. Their talented aspiring artists work various kinds of media like painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video and embroidery. The gallery has been successful in promoting their artists by participating in several art fairs in Europe and USA. The artists also exhibit their works in biennials, museums and galleries around the world. Their continuous support has established great factor of encouragement and tool to success in the art world. Their success in the art world especially in Denmark is what’s keeping the gallery motivated and inspired. Website Location

Galerie Birch

The Galerie Birch which is one of the oldest Danish modern art gallery in the city is located in a beautiful and effervescent place in Bredgade 6, 1260 København K. It was established in 1946 by its original founder, Børge Birch. It was later on succeeded by his daughter, Anette Birch who reopened the gallery in 1994 under her management. The gallery speaks for the works of art over a distinctive and powerful language by the artists whom the gallery owner came in contact with. They encourage their artists to portray each art piece with great passion and appreciation to be displayed in the gallery. They have been presented in different art fairs abroad and of course in the Denmark where they originally came from. Website Location

Gallery Bomhuset

Gallery Bomhuset which was widely known for its exquisite works of art can be found in Amagerbrogade 16A, 2300 København S. The gallery was founded in 1998 by Vivi Neumann and Kim Bügel Neumann. The gallery contains works from exciting new artists in addition to a large selection of artists who have previously exhibited in the gallery. The works of its artists, both the new and well-established ones, is the reason for their success in the international art scene. The main focus of Gallery Bomhuset is targeting prominent artists from the younger generation. The gallery provides a platform for introducing Danish art across the globe by participating in prestigious art events across the world. Website Location

Galerie Edeling

Galerie Edeling is also one of the oldest galleries in Denmark which is known for its support and promotion in the art world for art and craft. It is located at Gammel Mønt 39, 1117 Copenhagen. The owner, Ivan Edeling, is a serigrapher and lithographic printer and has been a master in this field for over 30 years. According to the gallery owner, Art and craft are two insoluble conveyed quantities. He has always emphasized seeing the opportunities which were in the individual artist because in that way, each artist is given the freedom to express however and whatever they want it to. He works with several talented artists and makes great teamwork to achieve success in the art world. Website Location

Galleri Tom Christoffersen

Galleri Tom Christoffersen which focused mainly in Contemporary Art, is located in a spacious and cozy space in Skindergade 5, 1159 Copenhagen K. It was opened in 2002 and since then, it has collaborated with curators, collectors and other galleries and represents both emerging and established Danish and international artists. The gallery’s diverse and experimental program presents a variety of media and approaches to art. Among others, the art practices encompass playful commenting on recent art history and everyday life, explicit interventions in political, psychological and social fields – but also very systematic investigations into sculpture and painting both as media and especially as process. This is how the gallery successfully played its part in the scenic art world of Denmark. Website Location

Galleri Christoffer Egelund

Galleri Christoffer Egelund is situated in a cunning place in Bredgade 75, DK-1260 Copenhagen K. The gallery opened its doors to the public in 2005. It concentrates mainly in Scandinavian and International art gallery, producing high quality art made by their talented and renowned artists. They have a unique style to promoting art, by experimental and innovative approach, to compete its way to other world-renowned artists in the international art scene. Website Location

The Cultural Space Katharsis

The Cultural Space Katharsis is at NANSENSGADE 16, kl., 1366 Copenhagen K. It is a unique cultural place in the heart of Copenhagen that was established in 1992 by its creative founders Mariella Brandusa and Octavian Neagu. During the years, many of the participants in the Katharsis cultural manifestations have become known both in the Danish and on the international art scene by providing a space that is conducive to producing great works of art. According to the gallery’s mission, it aims to promote a rich, nourishing form of art communication and to establish a constructive dialogue base between artists and the culturally interested public in Denmark, by facilitating knowledge about art as theory, practical skills, history of art, the form and content of art and aesthetics. Website Location

LARM Galleri

LARM Galleri is situated in a cozy and a well-lighted place that can be found in Bredgade 73, 1260 København K. The gallery was founded in 2005 by Louise and Lars Rahbek with its main focus in contemporary art and working in a wide range of media. Louise Rahbek is vice president in The Danish Gallery Association and appointed by the Danish Minister of Culture to The Danish Arts Council. LARM Galleri has had an emphasis on European artists but has also shown artists from North America, The Middle East and South America. As a new and emerging gallery, it seeks to promote new forms of media and conducts regular art exhibitions and also participates in art fairs worldwide. Website Location

Gallery Poulsen

Situated in Flæsketorvet 24, Kødbyen, 1711 Copenhagen V, Gallery Poulsen is one of Copenhagen’s most established gallery that has been in existence for about 11 years. The gallery presents artists mostly from America who works in a significant artistic style which uses stylish and satirical elements with their works. Their success in the art scene can be depicted by their active participation in art fairs and events all around the world. Each artist of the gallery has great passion for the traditional art on canvas and paper, in which they present a strong team of contemporary artists that excels in this genre. They also promote works which has a complex figurative compositions and an impressive craftsmanship creates an aesthetic focal point. Website Location

Gallery Sct. Gertrud

Gallery Sct. Gertrud is situated in a unique old-fashioned space in Møntergade 10, 1116 Copenhagen K. It has been in existence in the Danish creative art scene for about 35 years and is also considered as one of Denmark’s oldest gallery. Gallery Sct. Gertrud has become known for his collaboration with Nordic, especially Faroese artists. It also represents modern Danish art as well as sensual eroriske sculptures made from stoneware. The gallery was founded in Sct. Gertrud’s Straits in Copenhagen, and hence the name. Its location is what makes this gallery even more exciting and worth going to. According to its history, the medieval house where the gallery is located was reportedly built 1500s and the only house in Møntergade that survived the great fire of 1728th. Many arts organizations are seeking help and guidance in the art purchases and the decoration projects in the gallery. Website Location

There are more than 50 museums in Copenhagen, and they are as excellent as any great museum in the world. There are a lot of other creative and innovative events that would fill your thirst for the art when visiting this scenic and art-rich cosmopolitan. From the vibrant and distinctly unique Copenhagen Art to its highly chic design and fashion scenes, the whole area is an appealing and engaging paradise to visit to.


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