If you want to learn more about what’s written in your history books, you’ve got a city to conquer and explore, and that’s Berlin. Berlin’s richness in history has been spread all over the world, thanks to its great legend of people. From noble scientists to philosopher and powerful politicians, all these among others hailed from Germany. Aside from its roots in history, Berlin Art Scene is diverse as you can experience the authentic street art culture of East Berlin and contemporary art scene of West Berlin.

Berlin Art Week that takes place annually the month of September brings in most important art fairs – Art Berlin Contemporary and Preview Berlin Art Fair – along with a series of art fairs, exhibitions, opening fairs around Berlin

Berlin Museumsinsel or the Museum Island was named after five major museums in were built in the place. It is a unique island in the Spree River where these museums are located and have been attracting huge numbers of tourist in the city. All these five museums play a major role in Berlin art scene exhibiting art works of Berliners and top artists around the world

Berlin Art and Design Highlights:

  • The German History Museum is the national museum of the country where great artifacts of its history were housed.
  • The Reichstag Building is the most popular landmark in Berlin where the German Parliament is seated.
  • The Classic Remise Berlin is a classic car center in Berlin where you will find old and historic automotive housed in a unique structure.
  • The Pergamon Museum is one of the most famous museums in Berlin located in the Museum Island where it houses monumental buildings.
  • Berlin’s Gemäldegalerie or the Picture gallery houses the most important art of Europe from the 13th to the 18th centruies.

Top 10 art galleries in Germany:

Galerie Thomas Schulte

Originally named as Galerie Franck + Schulte when it was first established in 1991, Galerie Thomas Schulte has been one of the leading art galleries in Berlin. The space is beautifully-lit and has a good environment located at Charlottenstr, 24 / D–10117, Berlin. The gallery has been popularly known for its big role in re-awakening the contemporary Berlin art scene and has made its name to the international scene as well. The represented artists of the gallery have been participating in major art events in the country and abroad. Website Location

The East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery is a famous street art in Berlin that hundred of artists started painting since 1989. The stretch between Oberbaumbrücke and the Ostbahnhof at Mühlenstraße, Berlin is where this unique street art can be found. The East Side Gallery is what the people in Berlin call this beautiful stretch of art where artists get to express their creative ideas from history’s time about the new and old Berlin. Website Location

Contemporary Fine Arts

Contemporary Fine Arts was established in 1992. After having been moved from different locations in Berlin, Contemporary Fine Arts can be visited at its new location at Am Kupfergraben 10, 10117 Berlin. The gallery has a wide range of programs represented by talented upcoming and well-established artists. They have been participating regularly in prestigious art events within and outside Germany by showcasing their high-quality masterpieces. Website Location

KW Institute for Contemporary Art

Having been successfully established in Berlin in 1990, KW Institute for Contemporary Art is renowned to be a great contributor of contemporary arts in the country. The well-known institute can be visited at Kunst-Werke Berlin e.V., Auguststraße 69, D-10117 Berlin. KW Institute has been known for its big contribution in the development of contemporary culture in the national and international arena. It has molded artists to become active and skilled in arts and also welcomes visitors who want to enhance their knowledge about the beauty of contemporary arts. Website Location

Gallery Olaf Stüber

Gallery Olaf Stüber owned and managed by a talented artist Olaf Stüber, was launched in May 2001. The gallery is located in the heart of the city at Strausberger Platz 19, 9th Floor, D-10243 Berlin. The gallery supports more on video art but also include photography, performance, installation and painting in their program. They are well-known for their high skills in film and media art and has participated different art events worldwide. Website Location

Art CRU Gallery

Art CRU Gallery is the first of its kind in Berlin that presents art works made by people with disabilities. The gallery’s location is at Kunsthof in Oranienburger Strasse 27, 10117 Berlin-Mitte. Art CRU Gallery has been promoting works by emerging and well-established artists that have disabilities since the beginning creating an opportunity for these people to present their art works and create a place for them in the art scene. The gallery has provided new possibilities for these people. Website Location

Georg Nothelfer Gallery

Georg Nothelfer Gallery is known as being one of the oldest and longest-running art galleries in Berlin established in 1971. Georg Gallery plays a major role in Berlin Art scene promoting unique and innovative works. The space has a unique design and adorned with beautiful lightings located at Grolmanstraße 28, 10623 Berlin. Georg Nothelfer Gallery offers unique programs such as Informal Art, Tachisme and gestic painting but still supports new trends in the modern art world. The artists of the gallery have been open-minded about new perspectives in the developing art in today’s culture. Website Location

Galerie Deschler

Galerie Deschler has been in the art world for 20 years now and is still actively participating in Berlin’s art scene. The gallery’s location is in the famous Auguststrasse in Berlin’s Mitte district. The gallery specializes in contemporary art and has played significant role in the art world by promoting figurative art and helped in developing technical innovations in artistic traditions. They support artists ranging from upcoming to those of the prominent groups by presenting them in various art events worldwide. Website Location

Galerie Son

Opened in 2005 by a talented art historian and publisher, Mihyun SON, Galerie Son creates a new trend in the art world today. The gallery is located in a spacious and well-designed space at Mauerstraße 80, 10117 Berlin. Galerie Son is dedicated to promote Asian and European contemporary art supported by its set of talented and well-experienced artists. It has made a remarkable contribution to the art world by providing access to the connections between Europe and Asia through its outstanding masterpieces and unique set of programs. Website Location

Galerie Michael Haaswas

Launched in 1976, Galerie Michael Haaswas is well-known in classical modern art, German art and international art. The gallery’s unique location is at Niebuhrstraße 5, 10629 Berlin, Germany. For almost 40 years now, the gallery has established itself successfully in the international arena with its collaborating artists. The gallery conducts single and group exhibitions regularly and participates in important art events nationally and internationally. Website Location

Berlin is unquestionably a must-visit city. Street Art in Berlin is a must theme to explore as the richness and diverse methods used by street artists add a significant flavour to Berlin Art world. It has a lot to offer to every traveler. From its world-renowned museums, ancient structures, diverse art and culture, prepare yourselves to be mesmerized and discover how the city turned up in our history books.


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