Florence Art

Florence2Florence is surprisingly magical when it comes to art. When you speak of art, Italy automatically comes to our mind, and half of Italy’s art can be found in Florence.

Milan Art

milanMilan, Italy is a place where history meets with futurism. It is considered as a very important city when it comes to art.

Rome Art

Rome-Colosseum-Historic-lWhen you think of Rome, there’s only one thing that will surely come to your mind – the great Roman history.

Vatican Art

Vatican CityVatican City is home to the Holy See and is also one of the most consecrated places for the whole Christendom.

Italy: The Land of Luxury and Landscapes
Italy isn’t too big geographically, but visiting more than 20 regions is going to feel like travelling to different countries, thanks to the fact that each one has its own dialect, collection of architecture, and selection of good food. Their art collection is quite enviable too.

It’s a pretty good place to be one with nature too. At one point you’ll be trekking the powdery slopes of Coumayeur, and then riding horseback across the Maremma marshes. You might even be diving in the Campanian waters, where beautiful coral reefs are abounded. Indeed, Italy is not lacking in natural diversity and beauty.

Historians will recognize Italy as the land of Titian, Verdi, and Dante, but others will definitely remember this country for Prada, Renzo Piano, and Gualtiero Marchesi, making the country one of many beauties and luxurious things. This is all thanks to their style pumped and perfectionist lifestyles, where they settle for no less than the finer things in life.

Italy is also the land of wonderful, world-class art. This is where you will find the famed frescoes of Michaelangelo, namely his work on the Sistine Chapel as well as the David, the iconic Last Supper by Da Vinci, and the Birth of Venus and Primavera by Botticelli. The list, of course doesn’t end there, because you’re still off to see Andrea Palladio’s classic villas, Pompeii’s chariot streets, Ravenna’s Byzantine mosaics, and Padua’s revolutionary frescoes.

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]There’s also so much to choose from with the contemporary art scene in Italy. Whether you want to go to the Vertigo in Bologna, to Lorcan O’Neill’s gallery in Rome, to the Collezione Maramoti Gallery, or Turin’s Castello di Rivoli Museum, you’ll have more than art exhibits to feast your eyes on.[/quote_colored]

If you’re in for a trip to a beautiful place in style, there’s definitely no better destination to start with than Italy.

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