Florence is surprisingly magical when it comes to art. When you speak of art, Italy automatically comes to our mind, and half of Italy’s art can be found in Florence. The Florence Art can be traced back to the Renaissance age and it is filled with glory and sophistication. Florence Biennale is one of the most important art events in the city. It showcases the world’s great contemporary arts and welcomes a lot of art lovers from different points of the world.

When in search for something unique in the city, fill-up the thirst by visiting the Vasari Corridor. It is a magnificent passageway that is filled with beautiful art works all dating from the 17th and the 18th centuries. The corridor connects the Palazzo Vecchio to Palazzo Pitti, two of the oldest palaces in Florence.

Florence Art and Design Highlights

  • Piazzale Michelangelo is widely known for its beautiful panoramic sight of the whole city of Florence.
  • The Basilica of San Miniato al Monte is a beautiful old church and is considered as one of the most beautiful Romanesque structures in the City.
  • The Museo di San Marco is one of the oldest museums in Florence and houses the city’s religious beginnings contained in the museum’s art pieces.
  • The Uffizi gallery displays the most beautiful Renaissance art in the world.
  • Palazzo Vecchio is a beautiful Romanesque palace and is commonly known as the Town Hall of Florence.

Florence’s top 10 art galleries:

Aria Art Gallery

Aria Art Gallery is an environment-friendly gallery that was established in 2009. The cozy and picturesque space is located at Borgo SS Apostoli 40r 50123 Florence. The gallery has an antique tropical garden which promotes a pollution free environment. The gallery specializes in contemporary art and conduct regular exhibitions and shows to further promote the art and culture of the place. They also have a foundation namely “Aria Foundation” which has the same values as their art gallery that go against every form of pollution and chooses their artists according to the philosophy of their foundation. Website Location

BASE – Progetti per l’Arte

BASE – Progetti per l’Arte is a gallery created by various artists in 1998 that all came from Tuscany. The unique gallery can be visited at Via San Niccolò 18r, 50125 Firenze. The gallery is dedicated to promote contemporary art and organizes regular exhibitions, projects, comparisons and dialogues, readings and offering different perspectives on the most interesting fields in the art and its other related areas. It is an open space that welcomes artists that share similar growing passion for the art. It is a place where they can interact with each other and share their own knowledge and experiences in the fields of art. Website Location

Biagiotti Art Project (Biagiotti Progetto Arte)

Opened its space in 1997, Biagiotti Art Project is a gallery that promotes contemporary art. The big and airy space is located at Via delle Belle Donne 39r FIRENZE. The gallery offers a wide spectrum of mediums like photography, video, installation, street art, painting and performance, featuring solo and collective exhibitions of young Italian and foreign artists. It primarily supports research and exhibition that is an important factor for keeping up with the latest trends in the field of art nowadays. They have also been collaborating with major museums in the country where they get to display their superb and excellent masterpieces. Website Location

Eduardo Secci Contemporary Gallery

Launched in 2012, Eduardo Secci Contemporary Gallery has been home to Florence’s upcoming and well-established artists. The huge and creative space is located at Via Frà Giovanni Angelico, 49, 50125 – Florence. The gallery promotes works of their contemporary artists that specializes in various forms of media and has the spirit of innovation and experimentation. They have been one of the major contemporary galleries in Florence that is closer to the renaissance side of art. In the recent years, the gallery has conducted events which were focused on installations of conceptual and minimal artists. They have been participating in major art events in different places abroad. Website Location

Galleria Il Ponte

Galleria Il Ponte is an old gallery established way back in 1965 by the copperplate engraver Vincenzo Alibrandi. The space is quite conventional and can be visited at via di Mezzo, 42/b – 50121 Firenze. The gallery is dedicated to promote contemporary art represented by selected 20th century artists. They have been organizing regular shows and exhibitions and also conduct publishing of art books and catalogues made by different artists with high regards to quality and design. Website Location

Galleria Poggiali e Forconi

In the year 2000, Galleria Poggiali e Forconi has conducted its very first exhibition in a chic and sophisticated space at Via della Scala, 35/a, Via Benedetta, 3r, Florence. The gallery has extensive programs that promote both emerging and well-established artists. They have a world-class quality of art works that have been featured in major museums around the country. They also take part in different art events abroad represented by their leading line of talented artists. Website Location

Tethys Gallery

Inaugurated in 2010, Tethy’s art gallery is the only of its kind in Florence that mainly focuses in contemporary photography. The space boasts its modern design and is situated in the heart of Oltrarno district at Via dei Vellutini 17/R, 50125 Firenze. As being the first gallery in Florence that is solely dedicated to contemporary photography, they carefully choose the art pieces that they will display in the gallery, those with good story behind the art work and indubitably has great quality. The gallery exhibits permanent collections of works by their renowned artists and regularly conducts exhibition to further establish contemporary photography in Florence. Website Location

Tornabuoni Arte

Tornabuoni Arte is one of the oldest art galleries in Florence that was established in 1981 by Roberto Casamonti. It has expanded over the years and has opened some branches abroad. The gallery’s huge space and unique architecture is situated at Via Maggio, 58r, Florence. The gallery promotes modern and contemporary art along with its celebrated artists and long line of international clientele that took a big part of their success. The representation of their artists belonging to the international avant-garde of the 20th century is also one of the great factors of their success that brought their name in Italian art history. Website Location

Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina

Created in 2007 as part of the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina was established to bring contemporary art culture in the city of Florence. The humongous art center is located at Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi Palazzo Strozzi, Piazza Strozzi 50123 Firenze. The CCC is the gateway for every artist to present their masterpieces to exhibitions shows conducted by the foundation. They are engaged to an interdisciplinary approach linked to the most up to date scientific research on current trends in contemporary culture. The foundation creates a link for contemporary art between past, present and future. Website Location

Galleria Mentana

Galleria Mentana has been in existence for 45 years starting from its inauguration in 1970. The well-lighted and neatly organized space is located at Piazza Mentana 2 50122 Florence. The gallery is composed of four rooms that has a capacity of about 60 works and is open for single and group curated exhibitions. Galleria Mentana is dedicated to promote contemporary art and the new generation of artists that would bring the legacy of the gallery by their successful art pieces and artistic innovations. Website Location

Florence is truly a beautiful city that bridges the fascinating time of Renaissance and the euphoric modern time. It is a romantic city with its world-class Florence Art as well as food, fashion and design. You may visit astonishing old museums or experience the great treasures of Italy in the city and fill-up your Renaissance cravings by exploring the captivating city of Florence.


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