When you think of Rome, there’s only one thing that will surely come to your mind – the great Roman history. But great history is tantamount to great art and architecture. Rome has made tremendous contribution in our history books because it has been the center of important events. Rome is as lovely in the modern days as it was in the past. The foods are equally delectable and the Rome Art scene is gloriously fulfilling. It is home to one of Italy’s most prestigious art events, the Fiera d’Arte di Via Margutta, a four-day fun-filled celebration.

There’s an awesome place in Rome that every traveler should not miss. The Swiss Hut in the enormous Villa Torlonia that used to be the home of Giovanni Torlonia. The design of the hut is a combination of medieval themes and splendid Art Nouveau.

Rome Art and Design Highlights

Top 10 art galleries in Rome

Gagosian Gallery

Gagosian Gallery was founded by Larry Gagosian in Loas Angeles and opened its new space in Rome in 2007. The splendid oval-shaped art space is located at Via Francesco, Crispi 16, 00187 Rome. Gagosian Gallery is a world-wide dealer of contemporary art. Over the last few decades, they presented wide array of programs with a group of prominent artists. They are the major dealer of museums and art organizations worldwide and have supported important institutional exhibitions and artist projects. Website  Location

Dorothy Circus Gallery

Dorothy Circus Gallery opened its doors in 2007 as a supporter for pop surrealism and figurative arts. It is situated in a clean and well-lighted space at Via dei Pettinari, 76 00186 Roma. The gallery serves as a comfortable venue for every artist that seeks to mold the art community in unique form of arts. Their exhibition space is identical to that of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and provides exclusive display of limited edition prints and rare art toys. One of their principles is to create a space that will suit to a specific theme based on the artist’s idea involving literature, music and costume. Website  Location

Tricromia Gallery

Founded in 1990, Tricromia Gallery promotes simple and lighthearted art. The warm and chic exhibition space can be visited at Via della Barchetta, 13 00186, Rome, Italy. The gallery runs a group of talented illustrators, designers, artists and sculptures which are expert in their own fields. They are one of the front runners of art and design in the city and also have their own publication. They are involved not only in exhibitions in their own space but also in big events abroad. Website  Location

Emmeotto Living Gallery

Emmeotto Living Gallery started its first exhibition in 2008 in their unique 15th century building at Via di Monte Giordano 36 | 00186 Roma. The gallery is dedicated in promoting contemporary art and provides a beautiful setting for exhibitions and art events where artists can play with their own imagination and create their own curatorial project. The area is not just solely dedicated for displaying arts but also for an atelier-like platform where they can embrace any changes of perspective and vision.   Location

Gallery Apart

Once a small exhibition space opened in 2008, Gallery Apart now relocated to a much bigger space that they formally inaugurated in 2013. The spacious new location can be visited at Via Francesco Negri 43, 00154 Roma. The gallery promotes contemporary art and supports artists who have great visions in experimentation and research. They serve as a platform to assist their artists in the realization of their projects and as an outlet where they can freely display them. Spontaneity and creativity are encouraged by the gallery towards adapting universal perspectives, hence achieving a better footing in the international world of the arts. Website  Location

LaStellina Arte Contemporanea

Launched in 2005, LaStellina Arte Contemporanea has gained significant role in the art scene of Rome. It is situated in a warm and exuberant art space at Via Braccio da Montone, 93 – 00176, Roma. The gallery has been committed in promoting contemporary arts in various mediums such as painting, sculpture, comics, photography, fashion, video art and performances. They are in close collaboration with young and talented artists over the past few years creating utmost dedication and the desire to grow up and evolve into a multidisciplinary and successful art gallery not just in Rome but all over the world. Website  Location

Gallery Il Ponte Contemporanea

In 1993, Gallery Il Ponte Contemporanea was established and has achieved huge success now. The art space provides an uplifting atmosphere in its beautiful location at Via Di Panico 55, 00186, Rome, Italy. The gallery has been the location for special art events and regular curatorial shows from local and international artists. Every event that they organize are open to the public to give substance to the present art community and to spread the art not just in the country but also to other art enthusiasts abroad.   Location

Galleria Marie-Laure Fleisch

Conducted its first exhibition in 2009, Galleria Marie-Laure Fleisch is now one of the leading art galleries in Rome. It is located in the heart of the city at Via di Pallacorda 15, 00186 Rome, Italy. The gallery is dedicated in promoting modern and contemporary art with special emphasis in works on paper. Marie-Laure Fleisch’s follows a technique considered as the most spontaneous and intimate using the art on paper. They consider paper as a unique material, traditional yet modern at the same time. It has a beauty that exceeds through time creating an excellent masterpiece. Website  Location

Gallery Z2O

Founded by Sara Zanin in 2006, Gallery Z2O has established a widely-renowned reputation in Italy’s art scene. Its art space exudes beauty and glamour in its location at Via della Vetrina, 21 – 00186 Roma. The gallery presents world-class contemporary art pieces through a wide array of programs and in participation of major Italian artists. They seek to find emerging artists who are flexible in creating arts in various forms and mediums from painting to photography, from video installation to performance. They are continuously working on improving and enhancing their artistic skills through exhibition and innovation according to the latest trends today. Website  Location

From its rich history up to the modern days and the energetic Rome Art, the city has an endless beauty that you would always want to go back to for the second or the third or for the nth time. You would never get tired of basking in to the timeless beauty that is Rome.


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