Vatican City is home to the Holy See and is also one of the most consecrated places for the whole Christendom. The city is filled with sacred beauty and unique architectural structure and art works created by the world’s most famous artists. Recently, Vatican has set its foot forward into the realms of the contemporary art world by participating in the Venice Biennale. Although it has its own sense of artistic values, Vatican has held its doors open to the other side of Vatican Art which is contemporary art.

Vatican is home to old historical museums, and one of the exceptional places is the Egyptian Room of the Vatican Museum where Egyptian mummies are kept. The real attraction of this museum is the Princess of the 21st Dynasty where people are captivated by the story behind princess’ fortune.

Vartican Art and Design Highlights

  • St. Peter’s Cathedral is one of the most beautiful and most visited sights in the city where the famous La Pietà painting by Michelangelo is displayed.
  • Saint Peter’s Basilica is considered as the world’s largest Catholic Church.
  • St. Peter’s Baldachin was created by the great sculpture Gian Lorenzo Bernini that was intended to mark the place of Saint Peter’s tomb underneath.
  • The Vatican Museums houses the beautiful art pieces of great artists that was built for the Renaissance popes.
  • The Sistine Chapel is a renowned chapel in Vatican City where Michelangelo has also worked his magic hands in the ceiling of the chapel.

Top art galleries in Vatican City

The Gallery of Maps

The Gallery of Maps is a huge gallery renowned for the painted maps on the walls created by the famous geographer Ignazio Danti. It is found in the Vatican Museums. The maps point the 40 regions of Italy where the papal properties of Pope Gregory XIII were situated. They have considerably plotted the dots on where the boundaries of the properties are from the sea regions to the other side of the land regions. The gallery is an example of the Vatican’s visual artistic side. Website  Location

Gallery of Tapestries

The Gallery of Tapestries is another beautiful sight in the Vatican Museums which contains the Flemish tapestries that were drawn during the pontificate of Clement VII. It is a very old museum that its first exhibition was conducted way back in 1838 dedicated to the great artists during that era. Website  Location

Vatican Pinacoteca Art GalleryVatican Pinacoteca Art Gallery

Launched in 1932, the Vatican Pinacoteca Art Gallery contains the beautiful masterpieces of Pope Pius VI. It is located in the Square Garden of the Vatican Museums where the art works are illuminated by exquisite lightings and beautiful architectural design. Inside the gallery, you can find the very fine displays of the great Italian artists of all time. The gallery is a significant means of commemorating the works of the important history of the Italian art. Website  Location

Braccio Nuovo Gallery

Braccio Nuovo Gallery is another very old gallery in the Vatican museums that was inaugurated in 1822 by Pius VII. In this museum, you can take a closer look of how the Roman statues are formed and their Greek counterparts from the 18th century. They keep all the statues in one place and later on called it the Braccio Nuovo Gallery because during that period, Roman Gods play a significant role in the history of Rome. Website  Location

Gallery of the Candelabra

The Gallery of the Candelabra is a unique art gallery in the Vatican Museums that was built in 1761 where old Hellenistic candelabras are kept and available for viewing. The ceiling of this gallery took for over four years before it was finally finished. In this gallery, visitors are enlightened about the historical values of these candelabras and why they are kept until during these times. Website  Location

Vatican City is a must-visit place when you go to Italy. It doesn’t just contain all the important facts and information about the Roman Catholic religion but it also encompasses the great beauty of Vatican Art, architecture and the ancient structures that have endured for thousands of years. Bask yourself into the beauty of the creations of the greatest artists of all time that can only and originally be found in the City of Vatican.


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