Experience the Golden Age in a Modernist setting here in the great wonders that is Amsterdam. Step in to the city’s cozy streets and linger in to fine restaurants, go biking or hop in a canal boat, or explore exciting Amsterdam Art destinations. Whichever you choose, you’ll surely enjoy every ounce of the city’s treasures. Another interesting thing in Amsterdam is the Urban Art Festival, one of the biggest and most visited art events in the country.

If you are still craving for more adventure, visit the world’s first museum dedicated to the study of microbes, bacteria and other microscopic organisms, the Micropia. This museum will blow your mind with its impressive displays of unique micro-organisms while enriching your knowledge about their useful facts. You will experience out of this world adventure when you step in to the world of Micropia.

Amsterdam Art and Design Highlights

  • Explore the world-famous concert hall in Amsterdam known as the Royal Concertgebouw.
  • The Rijksmuseum keeps the greatest history of the Netherlands from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.
  • The Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam is renowned as being Europe’s largest public library.
  • The world’s most famous Anne Frank House is the historic house turned in to a museum by the Jewish wartime diarist, Anne Frank.
  • Van Gogh Museum houses the best collections of the famous painter Vincent van Gogh.

Top 10 art galleries in Amsterdam:

Torch Gallery

Adriaan van der Have started Torch Gallery in 1984 and has become one of the oldest art galleries in Amsterdam. Its splendid location is at Lauriergracht 94, 1016 RN, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The gallery is dedicated in promoting contemporary art that specializes in photography. During those early years, photography was not considered as an art form, but it has now developed in to one of the most common art forms in the modern world. Torch Gallery functions as a platform for this kind of medium and all the other mediums of art in Amsterdam. Their styles, media and artistic approaches all differ wildly. What they do have in common is a serious commitment to their profession and a refreshing perspective on our world. Website  Location

Braggiotti Gallery

Braggiotti Gallery was established in 1987 as one that specializes in contemporary glass. It is situated in a very fine and cozy atmosphere at Singel 424, 1016 AK Amsterdam, Netherlands. The gallery is exclusively dedicated to presenting unique works of contemporary glass throughout the country and abroad. They have a numerous set of programs conducted each year that has earned so much appeal to a lot of art enthusiasts in the country and constant presentation to major museums that has also earned dramatic appreciation. Website  Location

Studio Droog

Studio Droog was established four years ago located in the heart of the city at Staalstraat 7B, 1011 JJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The gallery specializes in art and design delivering excellent quality services that has strong identity. Every design undergoes through a process of critical and radical thinking that each outcome is unique and has its own story. The basic principle of the studio is respect for the existing, context/relevance, beauty and playfulness. Website  Location

Franzis English Gallery

Franzis English Gallery is big promoter of contemporary art that is housed in a spacious and modern building at Nieuwevaart 200, 1018ZN Amsterdam. The gallery provides a homey atmosphere so that the visitors can have a relaxing view and can easily imagine how the work relates to an environment. They conduct regular shows and exhibitions promoting the excellent works of their chosen set of artists and give a chance for interactive talks with everyone in attendance to the event. Website  Location

Reflexo On Urban Art

Reflexo On Urban Art is a famous street art platform in Amsterdam. Its cool and hip location is at Heesterveld 5, 1011 SB Amsterdam Zuidoost, The Netherlands. Reflexo was inspired by Brazilian street art and graffiti art that they come up with this project. They focus on painting the urban areas around the globe, inspiring and creating lively and colorful scenery for a more creative community. Website  Location

Link Design

Established in 1996, Link Design has become successful in the fields of art and design. The beautifully constructed building can be found at Kraanspoor 26, 1033 SE Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Link Design has this great passion to develop creative strategies visual concepts and results-oriented communication. They have a team of experienced and talented designers that creative and innovative based on the modern designs today. They believe in an integrated approach in design and values communication to have a better and effective outcome and greater recognition. Website  Location

Gallery WM

Gallery WM is a renowned platform that specializes in photography. It has a modern and chic space located at Elandsgracht 35, 1016 TN Amsterdam, NL. The gallery works with prominent and young photographers that have a strong sense of exploration and creativity. They are working on projects that will somehow combine photography with other forms of art like painting and sculpture. Website  Location

Galerie Paul Andriesse

Galerie Paul Andriesse was founded in 1984. It is located along the sides of Amsterdam’s picturesque canals at Leliegracht 47, Amsterdam. During its early years the gallery focused in promoting contemporary sculptures, but in the 1990s it has concentrated more on photography. The gallery puts high regards on quality and keeps a good relationship with its artists basing their approach on constant talks and discussions. Personal affinity with the artists and creating world-class art are their key to this huge success. Website  Location

Steltman Gallery

Since 1970, Steltman Gallery has been in Amsterdam’s art scene promoting contemporary art. The art space is located beside the very famous Van Gogh Museum at Jan Luijkenstraat 16, 1071 CN Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since its inception, the gallery has been one of the major dealers of paintings and publisher of the limited edition stone lithographs and books by Michael Parkes. They have established a lot of exhibitions mainly displaying works of Parkes. Website  Location

Walls Gallery

Walls Gallery was established in 2002 with its current and latest creative director, Sander Dekker. The roomy and homey art space is located at Prinsengracht 737, 1017 JX Amsterdam. The unique gallery has been developing unconventional approach in the fields of arts. They have wide array of distinctive programs that has a dynamic mix of contemporary art. With this unique approach of the art, the gallery has earned great appreciation not just in The Netherlands but also in different countries abroad. Website  Location

Everyone would love the city of Amsterdam. From the streets up to the picturesque Amsterdam canals, most especially the Amsterdam Art and the historic structures in this modern world, everything is praise-worthy and all the cents paid reaching this marvelous city is also all worth it.