Kazan Art

KazanThis exuberant city will fuel up your energy because of the bursting Kazan Art scene and enriching cultural diversity.

Moscow Art

MoscowMoscow is one of the top destinations in Russia that you should never miss.

Nizhny Novgorod Art

Nizhny NovgorodThe picturesque city of Nizhny Novgorod is something that you wouldn’t expect in a Russian city.

St Petersburg Art

St. PetersburgThe city of St. Petersburg is one of the most dashing metropolises of Russia.

Yekaterinburg Art

YekaterinburgThe industrial city of Yekaterinburg is not just economically rich but it is also rich in art, culture and history.

Russia: Adventures in a Huge Country

Those who take the extra mile of getting to travel to Russia are never disappointed, no matter how many times they go back to visit. Being the largest country in the world, there’s simply so much to do in Russia, may it be visiting cities with rich histories, heading off to the scenic countryside, experiencing the Russian art scene, or just enjoying the nightlife with more vodka than most cultures would permit.

Because of its vast geographical tracks, going around Russia is like going to different countries. You’ll be experiencing different cultures with each distinct territory you visit. You can travel from Moscow like most tourists would, but if you want to take the road less travelled; you can start your adventure from Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, or some other regional centre. It’s quite easy to arrange a trip via the Trans-Siberian Route!

If you’re looking to see some historically significant sites, then you can start with Moscow, St. Petersburg, and most of European Russia. From here, you can get to historically rich villages and towns such as Pskov and Suzdal, which perfectly portray the rural scene in Russia.

But if you’re looking for extremes, you can choose between going on a hiking trip in Altai or take a skiing adventure in Krasnaya Polyana. You can even go to Kamchatka to climb an active volcano.

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]If contemporary art is your thing, you’re going to want to check out the Moscow Biennal and Art Moscow fairs, where art enthusiasts are spending lots on auctions.[/quote_colored] It’s important to know that the art scene in Russia can be very provocative. Many of the well known artists such as Bacon and Chapman have been known to defy conventions, sensitivity, and censorship, to create their infamous works. Others include Viona’s bridge graffiti and AES+F’s allegorical works.

Getting to Russia can take some processing and paperwork depending on where you’re from. But with all the exciting and intriguing things you’ll encounter there, it’s definitely worth the trip.

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