Barcelona Art

BarcelonaIt is an enthralling city by the sea where you can witness a century worth of golden period in arts.Barcelona is the catalyst for modern art and culture of the great Catalans.

Madrid Art

MadridMadrid is a city bursting with energy and spirit. It is so rich in art and culture that people want to come back to over and over again.

Spain: Experience the Fiestas and Flamencos

For all the stereotype that Spain has gotten as a tourist destination, it certainly has a very diverse society that dedicates itself to a good life filled with sophistication, culture, and arts. There’s passion in the Spanish everyday life, inspired by music, dancing, good food and wine, and lots of good sights to see.

Being the origin of the word “fiesta”, it is no surprise that the Spanish really know how they’re done. Believing that life itself is a fiesta where everyone is invited, you’ll always find crowds having fun somewhere in any of its cities, especially during the night. There’s a big chance you’ll be able to see actual Flamenco dancers in action, and it’s definitely a sight to behold.

Spain is also home to diverse landscapes. It’s got an amazing mountain range called the Pyrenees as well as the Picos de Europa. The snow tipped Sierra Nevada is also a popular hiking destination, especially since it’s just close to the equally popular plains of Andalucía. And everywhere you go you’ll pass by villages surrounded by hills, valleys, and coasts.

As far as architecture is concerned, Spain boasts of many cathedrals and ruins, all of which having historical significance. The Sagrada Familia or Gaudi’s Cathedral was dedicated to the Holy Family when it was built by Antoni Gaudi. The Tarragona is one of the most famous Roman ruins in the country.

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]Spain is also the country that produced the likes of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Barceló, but they have equally taken pride in their growing number of contemporary artists. [/quote_colored]They usually integrate their art exhibits in many of their festivals, including the Feast of San Isidro and the La Noche en Blanco. There’s also the Art Futura and the International Festival of Contemporary Art in Barcelona to watch out for.

Looking for a great place to party, dance, and be filled with culture and history? Spain is going to be your destination of choice.

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