Doha Art

DohaQatar is truly a wonderful place to visit when you are in the Middle East. It has a laid-back lifestyle, very rich cultural heritage and an equally resonant Qatar Art scene that would turn your vacation an indelible one.

Qatar: Witness Sophistication and Culture in One Place

Qatar is primarily known for its capital, Doha. With sky rising architecture, extravagant shopping malls, and sophisticated lifestyle, it’s no doubt that the capital becomes one of the Gulf’s best stopovers.

But Doha is not the only part of this booming nation, characterized by fast economic growth that’s unaffected by global recession. The whole country is filled with heritage, beautiful sand dunes, and world-renowned Islamic Art. This is a great place for young travellers to be introduced to the Middle Eastern world.

You can first stop by Doha to do some shopping and enjoy the exciting nightlife there. Then you can get arranged for a guided tour around the sand dunes of Khor Al Udeid or visit the ruins of Zubarah, where a deserted city and fort stand until today.

Qatar happens to be surrounded by sea. So if racing across the sand dunes won’t be enough to quench your thirst for adventure, you can take on kite surfing or high speed jet skiing, among other water sports that are popular to locals and tourists alike.

Qatar has used much of its oil earned riches to actually buy art worldwide, so expect to see both local and international art when you check out the country’s art scene. Your first stop should be the Museum of Islamic Art, boasting a world class collection of local and international Arab art spanning through thousands of years, most of which were inspired by traditional styles developed in the Middle East.

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]For contemporary art, the MATHAF – Arab Museum of Modern Art and the Katara Art Centre, among other galleries in Doha, are dedicated to the promotion of young and contemporary art.[/quote_colored] The Katara Art Centre is in the Katara Cultural Village, so you also get exposed to good food and great music.

Want to go on a culturally rich vacation and then go shopping after? Visit Qatar.

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