United Arab Emirates Art

United Arab Emirates Art

Dubai Art

aic-db-art-1 A booming powerhouse of the Arab World with a diverse art, design and culture all around

Abu Dhabi Art

auh-art_opt Once a conservative state, but has now grown to be the center of commerce, trade and tourism.

Sharjah Art

Sharjah Art Bedazzle yourself in the Culture Capital of the Arab world, Sharjah is home to many local artists

UAE Art, Culture and Design – A Familiar Place with a Twist

The United Arab Emirates is a federation composed of seven emirates east of the Arab peninsula. Western tourists will find the UAE to be very familiar with all the modern architecture and environment that can compete with the West. In fact, a lot of the products sold here are familiar to non-local consumer as well. What most foreigners will find remarkable, however, will be the vast desert dunes just at the Empty Quarter’s edge and the awesome wadis just by the borders of Oman.

If you’re keen on enjoying the urban setting of the UAE, then you’ll want to first make the most of Abu Dhabi, the country’s capital. This is where you’ll witness the best of modern architecture and the most popular of shopping malls. Dubai, being the commercial centre for the United Arab Emirates, must also be in your list of places to visit – a hub of creative humans who excel in Art, Design and Theatre.

If you want to get away from the city life, then head off to the most peaceful parts of UAE, namely Umm la Quwain. There are also a cluster of villages by the Empty Quarter called the Liwa Oasis where you can experience the rural life.

The art scene in the UAE is pretty vibrant to say the least. It’s focused around Sharjah and Dubai, set to cross boundaries, ultimately making the United Arab Emirates the Islamic Culture Capital. The Sharjah Art Museum and the Heritage Area are good spots for visual arts.
There are also world renowned galleries in Dubai, with Galleries Night as one of the events to watch out for, along with the Gulf Film and Middle East Film Festivals. Many of the galleries in Dubai are actually non-profit, set to promote the country’s growing art scene.

So you thought the UAE is all too familiar for you? Take another look; you’d be surprised at what you’ll find.

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