Dubai is the booming powerhouse of the Arab World. Being an open country, it has attracted a lot of visitors and never fails to bedazzle each one by its astounding beauty, energy, diverse art and culture and authentic foods. When speaking of art and culture, Dubai Art is also the most alive art scene marked by one of its biggest art events, the Art Dubai. It welcomes every sort of art enthusiasts coming from different point of the world.

Dubai has a unique historically rich art hotspot known as the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood where the famous SIKKA Art Fair is annually hosted. The neighborhood houses unique traditional galleries, museums and Arabic cafes that have been the attraction of a lot of art enthusiasts.

Dubai Art and Design Highlights

  • The XVA Art Hotel is a state-of-the-art hotel where heritage and history are combined to form this extraordinary structure.
  • Dubai is home to the world’s largest dancing fountain located at the foot of the Burj Khalifa.
  • The Traditional Architecture Museum showcases Dubai’s historical classic architectures.
  • Camel is the most important animal in the history of the Arab world and it can be depicted in the Camel Museum where it was built to show the great significance of the Camel in the country.
  • Dubai Museum is a beautiful and massive museum located in the beautifully designed Al Fahidi Fort.

Top 10 Art galleries in Dubai

XVA Gallery

XVA Gallery has established itself as one of the most prominent and leading art galleries in Dubai since its inauguration in 2003. It boasts of a magnificent beauty and structure in its location at Al Fahidi Neighborhood, Bur Dubai. The gallery specializes in contemporary art and is closely collaborating with the country’s leading set of artists while showcasing their works in prestigious art events worldwide. Aside from that, they also conduct regular exhibits and shows presenting the multidisciplinary programs of the gallery. Website  Location

Carbon12 Dubai

Carbon12 Dubai, opened in 2008, is the first of its kind in the country that deals with a comprehensive, firmly global, program of institution-grade artists. The beautifully structured gallery is located at Unit D37, Alserkal Avenue, Street 8, Al Quoz 1 P.O.Box 214437, Dubai, UAE. The gallery supports both upcoming and established artists with a diverse contextual set of activities organized in the gallery at about six times annually. They also conduct publications and talks involving the ever changing world of art in public and educational institutions around the country. Website  Location

J+A Gallery

J+A Gallery is a unique art gallery that promotes modern and contemporary art and design. The gallery is housed in a modern setting at P.O.Box 282 952, Dubai, UAE. The gallery wants to help in spreading the cultural landscape in Dubai by producing a world-class modern design specially created by its set of talented artists. The Bauhaus objects are well-known for being closely associated with the gallery. J+A Gallery can also be used as a venue for special art events from solo to group projects. Website  Location

Ayyam Gallery

Put up in 2006 in Damascus, Ayyam Gallery is well-known for voicing the cultural heritage of the Middle East. It is located in the heart of cultural district of Dubai at Unit B11, Alserkal Avenue, Exit 43 of SZR, Street 8, Al Quoz , Dubai. The gallery has a set of outstanding artists coming from different parts Arab world. Ayyam Gallery is best known to play a major role in spreading the beauty of Middle Eastern contemporary art to the international arena. The artists represented by the gallery want to help in educating a wider audience about the art of this significant region. Website  Location


Established in 1994, Elmarsa is one of the most innovative art galleries in Dubai. The exhibition space is well-organized and has a goon ambience situated at Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz 1, Dubai, UAE. The gallery is dedicated in promoting contemporary art and has a good set of programs that involves innovation and experimentation in the creation of arts. It deals with artists coming from various generations and culture representing the current trend of the art world today. It has also played a major role in supporting promising emerging artists. Website  Location

Alif Art Gallery

Alif Art Gallery has been widely known for promoting visual arts in Central Asia founded by Natalya Andakulova. The gallery is located in its elegantly designed art space in Unit 18, P4 Level, Damac Park Towers, DIFC, Dubai. The gallery provides a platform for both emerging and well-established artists to create and showcase their art pieces in an environment conducive for bringing the best out of the special skills of every artist. They want to nourish the unique art set in Central Asia and the Middle Eat by presenting them in one of the most alive art hubs in the Arab World. Website  Location

East Wing

Founded in Doha in 2012, East Wing has extended their horizon by creating its branch in Dubai in 2014. The space ha a modern style and structure and can be visited at Limestone House # 12, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Ritz Carlton Annex, Dubai. The gallery promotes contemporary art with specialty in photography. They are represented by proficient set of photographers that organize exhibition and shows around the country and abroad. They also participate in huge art events worldwide presenting their projects aimed at enlightening and reflecting the challenging points of view in the world of art today. Website  Location

Courtyard Gallery

Opened its doors in 2000, Courtyard Gallery was the first art gallery to be opened in Al Quoz industrial area. The exact location of this clean and well-lighted art space is at Al Quoz 3, Street 6a, Dubai. The gallery greatly supports contemporary arts and wants to create a gateway for the emerging artists to get involved in Dubai’s art scene by engaging them with artistic and authentic works of art. They also conduct regular solo and group exhibitions to help further their involvement in the art scene of Dubai. Website  Location

RIRA Gallery

RIRA Gallery was successfully launched in 2012 with the goal to provide accessibility of regional talent to the public. The gallery is open for viewing at Gate Village Building No.3, Dubai International Financial Center(DIFC), Dubai. The gallery greatly focuses on creating a space for the Iranian artists to exhibit and expose their works of art to the national and international world of art. They want to bring art enthusiasts altogether for the appreciation and direct involvement as they conduct curatorial shows and exhibitions in art gallery. Website  Location

JAMM Gallery

JAMM Gallery is a unique and innovative form space that was founded in 2009 by one great art enthusiast, Lulu Al-Sabah. The gallery welcomes its visitors in a vibrant and spacious space located at Street 8, Warehouse 11, Al Quoz 1, Dubai. JAMM Gallery is dedicated to promote cross-cultural contemporary art by bringing together the artists in the Middle East to the Western and Eastern culture creating a close collaboration between the two. The gallery seeks to combine the cultures, trends and innovative works of the artists who help in shaping the contemporary art world today. Website  Location

Dubai is a city with immense beauty and diverse culture in a unique and modern setting. It has an exciting and dynamic Dubai Art scene, mind-blowing architectures and mouthwatering cuisines. Embrace the extraordinary and visit the majestic city of Dubai.

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