Bedazzle yourself in the glitz and glamour of the Culture Capital of the Arab world, Sharjah. It has the liveliest art scene in the region and is home to more than twenty museums. Sharjah is also considered as the first emirate to celebrate art biennale known as the Sharjah Biennial that introduces the best collections of contemporary art from the country and abroad welcoming every art lover to the wonderful world of Sharjah Art.

The fully restored house of Sheikh Sultan bin Saqr Al Qasimi known as Baith Al Gharbi is about 200 years old now and is one of the most unique spots in the city. Discover the interesting architectures of the house and get ready to be mesmerized by its unique and state-of-the-art structure.

Sharjah Art and Design Highlights

  • The Sharjah Archaeological Museum houses the important artifacts in the history of Sharjah in a lively and modern setting.
  • The Science Museum will make you discover excellent exhibitions that deal with physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy.
  • Sharrjah Aquarium houses the most diverse species of marine life in a uniquely designed structure.
  • Sharjah Calligraphy Museum showcases the most significant works of famous calligraphers form all over the world.
  • The Discovery Centre is the first museum in UAE that conducts interactive hands-on programs to children.

Top 10 art galleries in Sharjah:

Barjeel Art Foundation

Barjeel Art Foundation is non-profit foundation based in UAE to manage, preserve and exhibit the personal art collection of Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi. The huge art space is located at Level Two Maraya Art Centre, Al Qasba, Sharjah, UAE. The gallery seeks to establish itself as the largest source of contemporary art in the Arab world an in the global stage. They want to contribute intellectually to the art scene in Sharjah by building a space solely dedicated for the public to have an access to the important art collections in UAE. Website  Location

Sharjah Art Museum

Inugurated in 1997, Sharjah Art Museum is one of the major museums in Sharjah. The large museum is located at PO Box 39939, Sharjah, UAE. Sharjah Art Museum is the largest museum in the city and is open to both permanent and temporary exhibitions by different artists in the country. It is the place where people get to have a glimpse of the culture and tradition in Sharjah and all over the country.   Location

Le Cadre

Le Cadre is a unique art gallery in Sharjah that promotes contemporary art and design. Its beautiful building is located at Shed No 1 & 2, Al Wahda Street – Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Le Cadre has established itself as one of the top galleries in Sharjah. It promotes upcoming and well-established artists providing a space where they can launch and exhibit their set of art pieces with the prime focus in contemporary art. The gallery believes that should be placed in its complimentary environment to benefit the clients by providing enjoyment and enrichment through the field of arts. Website  Location

The Sharjah Art Foundation

Established in 2009, The Sharjah Art Foundation seeks to carry forward the mission of the Sharjah Biennial. The wonderfully designed space can be visited at Sharjah Art Museum, PO Box 19989, Al Shuwaiheen, Arts Area, Sharjah. The foundation wants to enrich the art scene in Sharjah by nurturing the artistic skills and abilities of the people who have great passion for the arts. They provide a place for both national and international leadership in the creation of world-class masterpieces in the fields of art. Website  Location

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

Re-opened in a newly reconstructed space in 2008, Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization is one of the most important structures in Sharjah. Its brand new look and design is open for visit at the Sharjah Museums Department, PO Box 39939, Sharjah, UAE. The museum wants to provide the people a place where they will have the chance to explore about the culture and tradition of the Islamic art. They have the biggest collections of the Islamic artifacts from all over the world and they display, interpret, research and further develop the museum’s collections for a wide range of local, national and international audiences.   Location

The Emirates Fine Arts Society

The Emirates Fine Arts Society is a non-profit organization launched in 1980. Its airy and cozy environment is situated at Al Shuwaihean – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates. The organization seeks to develop fine art, to nurture young talent and to present artists in the UAE to the international arena of the arts. They help promote and educate all the art enthusiasts in the country by conducting art workshops, seminars and lectures, in painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphics, photography and calligraphy. Website  Location

Maraya Art Center

Since 2010, Maraya Art Center has been delivering high-quality arts to the local community in the city. Its wonderfully furnished and well-organized art space is located at Al Qasba, Al Taawun Road, PO Box 62932, Sharjah, UAE. The Maraya Art Centre is now one of the UAE’s most spectacular venues for contemporary visual arts. They want to establish a bridge between the local artists and the international scene by constantly promoting and nurturing them about the latest trends in the modern art world and by conducting regular shows and exhibitions in the gallery. Website  Location

Sharjah Museum for Arabic contemporary Art

Sharjah Museum for Arabic contemporary Art was established to provide the Arab world a place for the appreciation of contemporary arts in the country. It is located in the center of the city behind the old souk at Al Shwaihiyeen area. The museum houses the most important collections of contemporary art in the country and was created for the aesthetic and educational importance needed by the Arabic mankind.   Location

SHAPE Architecture Practice and Research

SHAPE Architecture Practice and Research was established in 2006 by Abdullah. It is located at Industrial Area 15 – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates. The firm is dedicated to set an example of excellence in design in the Middle East. They have been working in huge projects not just within the country but also abroad. They are one of the providers of large scale industrial urban development. SHAPES’s interest lies in the incorporation of digital design and production technologies in the design process. They believe that research, experiment and innovation is the key to a better tomorrow. Website  Location

Sharjah emanates an exuberant and lively environment that is very enticing, especially the Sharjah Art scene. Once you enter into this enigmatic city, you will find yourself in awe once you find the real beauty with in the soul of the city.

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