United States of America Art

United States of AmericaMark Twain once said that “travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” These happen to be everything that the US stands against as the leading authority in democracy and the guarantee of liberties for all.

Canada Art

CanadaBeyond its mountainous and craggy exterior, Canada is also a place of great food, culture, wildlife, and fun road trips.

North America: Live the Traveller’s Dream

Whether you plan going on a road trip, travelling leisurely by plane or going by boat in between, taking the traveller’s route around North America is definitely worthwhile. And whether your taste for travel is visiting grand natural sites or hitting the huge metropolitan cities, you’ll experience all of it and more in the region, for North America is as home to towering fields, large forests, and plain deserts as much as it is to large urban cities.

Many of the cities in the urban scene don’t even need much introduction. You hear of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Panama, and so much more and you have more than enough reason to go on a road trip to visit all of them. And because North America is a melting pot of many historical rich cultures, you can expect to have a different experience with every stop.

Get out of the urban scene and you can revel in the natural beauties that many locals are proud to call their home. Make your way through the rich rainforests of the region and then explore the geographical beauties of all altitudes, from the deepest gorge of the Copper Canyon in Mexico to the extremes of Mt. McKinley in Alaska. Of course, your adventure won’t be complete until you witness in person the majestic Grand Canyon.

Not to be beaten in the art scene, North America is also a place of multicultural art. Aside from the thriving music scene in Mexico and the film festivals of Toronto, you can also experience the Smithsonian of Washington DC, where there’s a mix of everything. Don’t miss out on New York’s Museum of Modern Art which is a staple destination for art enthusiasts and casual tourists alike.

So why not take road trip around North America? No matter what kind of adventure it is that you’re looking for, you’ll definitely find it there.

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