Sao Paulo Art

Sao PauloSao Paulo is Brazil’s top-notch destination. It has the most vibrant art scene, orgasmic foods, wonderful attractions and heartwarming people.

Brazil: The Beauty of Many Cultures

Brazil is a wonderful example of a multicultural country. To many tourists and adventurers, it is the home of 17 items on the UNESCO World Heritage List and the Cristo Redentor or Christ the Redeemer Statue, a well known wonder of the modern world.

Brazil’s multicultural diversity is due to the series of immigrations which started way back in the 1500s, when the arrival of the Portuguese brought a wide variety of cultures and demographics from all over the world, adding to the Indians, blacks, Europeans, and Asians that slowly contributed to the diverse Brazilians that we know today.

Complementing this rich historical culture is Brazil’s architecture, composed of historical monuments as well as natural destinations. They take great pride in restoring and preserving these structures and locations as part of their national heritage.

The mixed culture naturally caused Brazil to have lots of artistic prowess. In fact, people go there for the famous Carnival, the festival held before Lent in Rio de Janiero ever since they started the tradition in 1723.

Those who visit Brazil should look out for two important types of art. The first one is those that have proliferated as a result of the European influences way back in the 1500s. The second ones are rarer, since these were the artistic products of the cultures prior to European colonisations. Much of these are the rock arts by the native tribes of Brazil, which are very rare. Much of these works can be found in Serra da Capivara National Park in Piauí State, showcasing whatever art works could be preserved when they were made way back in the 13,000 BCE.

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]Finally, make sure to check out the street galleries showcasing the latest contemporary works of art, especially those in Rio. The art experience in Brazil wouldn’t be complete without it.[/quote_colored]

For parties, good music, good food, and a whole lot of fun, go to Brazil.

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