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EdinburgEdinburgh is a city filled with superlatives. It is every wanderlusts dream destination that has a multitude of awesomeness and sophistication feels.

Scotland: The Land of Myths and Landscapes

The thing with Scotland is that although it’s a small country compared to other tourist destinations, but it’s packed with lots of historical and natural gems to spot. The country is a perfect place for tourists looking for a laid back vacation filled with sightseeing and immersing with nature. The sky always seems to be beautiful there and the landscapes, aside from being home to many interesting creatures, are equally breathtaking. Scotland is also a good place to taste good food and meet nice people.

More than just a place for outdoor adventure or peaceful camping, every piece of natural beauty is packed with history. There is a cave that once home to Bonnie Prince Charlie and a moor that was remembered to be a battlefield at some point in time. There are beautiful castles that have their own stories and forts that stood despite having been built long ago. Scotland is also the place of the lake where the loch ness monster was said to exist.

Though their seemingly stern demeanour will be daunting at first, the Scottish tends to be very hospitable and happy, with a great sense of humour and live active lifestyles. As a matter of fact, their youth are very much into the night life, so Scotland is a good place to party if that’s your thing.

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]Scotland’s art scene is mainly presented in various museums such as Glasgow’s Kelvin grove and Aberdeen’s Maritime Museum. [/quote_colored]The biggest visual arts festival in the country, however, is the Edinburgh Art Festival, where both traditional and contemporary works of art are showcased. Its growing art scene is thanks to the contributions of art institutions such as Edinburgh and Glasgow as well as the funding of Creative Scotland.

Scotland may be small, but it is definitely filled with good places to visit and great things to experience.

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