Edinburgh is a city filled with superlatives. It is every wanderlusts dream destination that has a multitude of awesomeness and sophistication feels. You just have to deeply explore along the wynds and you’ll have a surprise treat waiting for you along the way. If you are up for a something artsy vibe, then visit Edinburgh Art Festival, the most exciting art festival in the city and experience the most wonderful art creations of national and international artists in this remarkable Edinburgh Art.

Traquair Castle is a unique place to get indulged to. It is an old castle that used to be a hunting ground for Scottish monarchs over centuries back and later on became a refuge for Catholic priest. But now, it has now become one of the most visited spots in Edinburgh.

Edinburg Art and Design Highlights

Top 10 art galleries in Edinburgh

Arusha Gallery

Arusha Gallery was established in 2013 promoting contemporary art. It is situated in a chic and well-organized space at 13A Dundas Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6QG. In 2 years, Arusha Gallery has already made huge contribution to the art scene in Edinburgh promoting upcoming and well-established artists specializing in various forms of medium. It is surrounded by beautiful images and objects that provide a continual source of inspiration, drawn from the visual and intellectual arts. Website  Location

Dovecot Studios

Dovecot Studios is a 100-year old tapestry studio and one of the oldest galleries in the city. It is located in an outrageously beautiful space at 10 Infirmary Street, Edinburgh. Dovecot has earned the reputation as a leading contemporary fine art tapestry studio, producing tapestry and rugs for private and public collectors. It produces unique and world-class arts, thanks to its group of talented and experienced artist, weaver and commissioner. Each art pieces produced is made from the best materials combined with the creative minds behind this excellent gallery. Website  Location

The Fruitmarket Gallery

The Fruitmarket Gallery started as a fruit market turned into a wonderful gallery in 1974. It is situated in a unique studio at 45 Market Street, Edinburgh. The Fruitmarket Gallery became an independent space with the continued support of the Scottish Arts Council and now Creative Scotland. The gallery presents the world’s most important and prominent artists specializing in various mediums. They have wide array of programs including exhibitions and shows as an international platform for artists, curators and writers. Website  Location

Open Eye Gallery

Open Eye Gallery opened its doors in 1982 and has been one of the leading galleries in Scotland. It is located at 34 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh. The gallery is dedicated in promoting modern and contemporary art and represents leading Scottish contemporary artists. They work in various mediums such as paintings, drawings, mixed media works, ceramics, jewellery, glass, wood and sculpture. They also have a room dedicated for exhibiting modern, European and American printmakers. Website  Location

Urbane Art Gallery

Urbane Art Gallery is new to the art scene of Edinburgh established in 2014. It modern and chic space can be visited at 25 – 27 Jeffrey Street, Edinburgh, Mid Lothian. The gallery offers a space for modern and contemporary art represented by award-winning artists, many of which are being exhibited for the first time in the UK. They have a group of experienced staff that would help customers find the best art piece that would suit to their lifestyle. They have gained the reputation of producing bold and dynamic art that has made its way to the international world of the arts. Website  Location


Established in 1977, Stills has been one of the leading galleries specializing in photography. It is located at 23 Cockburn Street, EH1 1BP Edinburgh, United Kingdom. The gallery has played major roles in promoting photography in Scotland by providing a unique range of expertise, facilities and courses which explore the medium of photography, contemporary visual arts practice and society. They offer variety of programs that help in nurturing and developing the medium of photography exploring everything from its technical and aesthetic developments through to the central role it plays in contemporary culture. Website  Location

Ingleby Gallery

Ingleby Gallery opened its doors to the public in 1998 in a beautiful and comfortable environment at 15 Calton Road, Edinburgh. The gallery specializes in contemporary art supporting upcoming and well-established artists through their exhibition and off-site projects. They have also been presenting in world-renowned art events in the country and abroad bringing local art to the international world of the arts. Website  Location

Adam Pottery

Adam Pottery was launched in 1983 by Janet Adam and has been one of the top galleries in the field of pottery. Its roomy and comfortable space can be visited at 76 Henderson Row, Edinburgh. Adam Pottery provides studio and gallery space for up to six independent ceramic artists and potters. They also provide a workspace for amateur potters, recent graduates and well-established professionals. The pottery offers the viewers an opportunity to see the processes involved in the making of art pieces. They have wide expanse of products that exudes individuality of each artist’s work. Website  Location

Union Gallery

Opened its space in 2009, Union Gallery brings you high-quality contemporary arts. The space can be visited anytime at 45 Broughton Street, Edinburgh. Union Gallery provides a space conducive for art appreciation and recognition in which art lovers would have the opportunity to interact with each other about their great passion for the arts. The gallery is proud of the quality of their artworks created by their promising group of artists coming from the local and international art scene. Website  Location

Edinburgh is a city filled with awesome surprises. Discover its stunning scenery, striking architecture and Edinburgh Art scene bursting with so much glamour. Everything else is left for you to uncover. Explore Edinburg deeply and you will find great surprises waiting for you.


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