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10 Famous Paul Signac Paintings

Breakfast a famous painting by Famous Paul Signac

Across the world, the French artist Paul Signac is widely celebrated for the creation of some of the most amazing and historic paintings of his time.

Many Paul Signac paintings are sold for unbelievable sums of money at art auctions and especially due to the current pandemic, going to art museums can prove difficult.

Here is a list of famous Paul Signac paintings for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. 



A wonderful painting produced by Signac in 1886-1887, Breakfast is a part of the genre art style.

The subject of the painting appears to be a family setting and depicts three individuals in a room, two of them, enjoying a hot drink and a servant with papers standing nearby.

2.Woman at the Well

The Women by Paul Signac

Part of the neo-impressionist movement and painted by Signac in 1892, this painting is a piece of genre art.

Woman at the Well shows three women, two drawing water and another walking away.

The bright and vivid colors used and the two women conversing at the well make this famous piece really stand out.

3.The Red Bouy

Produced in 1895, the title of this painting is aptly named Red Bouy.

This piece of marine art, as well as featuring calm and colorful waters, vessels, and buildings, features a bright red body right at the painting’s forefront. 

4.The Papal Palace, Avignon

The Papal Palace, Avignon By Paul Signac

While much of Signac’s work makes use of bright, vivid colors, The Papal Palace, Avignon makes use of dark and moody shades in the waters and skies of this piece.

Painted in 1900 and a part of the neo-impressionist movement, this famous painting features the Palais des Papes in Avignon, France surrounded by dark waters.


Sunday a painting by by Paul Signac

Painted in 1888-1890 by Signac, Sunday is a piece of genre art. Accordingly, the painting showcases a couple on the weekend, most likely relaxing at home with their feline friend.

The wife is shown looking out the window while the husband stokes the fire. 

6.Grand Canal (Venice)

Paul Signac Grand Canal

Painted in 1905, Signac produced a landscape art piece featuring the Grand Canal of Venice.

As beautiful as it is colorful, Grand Canal prominently features the Venetian canals, rows of boats moored at the dock, and buildings in the background. 

7.Van Gogh’s House

Van Gosh House

While many of the works on this list are from the neo-impressionist or pointillism movements, Van Gogh’s House makes a departure.

As an addition to the post-impressionism movement in Signac’s work, this colorful landscape piece certainly showcases a different technique to all the other artworks on this list.

A bar on the bottom floor, this painting is an amazing work to behold.

8.Two Milliners in the Rue du Caire (Paris)

Two Milliners in the Rue du Caire

A genre art piece, Two Milliners in the Rue du Caire (Paris) is one of Signac’s paintings of the neo-impressionist movement.

Produced in 1885-1886, the painting shows two women, milliners, producing the hats that will be sold on the market.

9.The Port of Saint-Tropez

The Port of Saint-Tropez

Many vessels are sailing around the port featured in Signac’s art piece The Port of Saint Tropez.

This colorful painting was produced in 1899 and boasts many colorful ships, as well as a lighthouse and buildings to add to the background.

10.The Bay

The Bay A Famous Painting By Paul Signac

The Bay is a landscape painting by Signac, which makes use of a vast array of colors to paint a beautiful image of a bay.

This painting was produced in 1906. Some small ships can be seen floating in the colorful waters, with multi-colored trees dotting the hillsides.


Many of Paul Signac’s paintings convey deeply colorful scenes and for viewers, this is certainly a wonderful artistic experience.

There was much amazing and historic work that this celebrated artist produced, and this is by no means an exaggeration.

All these famous Signac paintings showcase incredible talent and skill for art throughout his artistic career and these works will continually be enjoyed by art enthusiasts for generations to come. 

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