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8 Great Artworks By Jacques Villon

the game of solitaire by Jacques Villon

Jacques Villon, birth name Emile Méry Frédéric Gaston Duchamp, was born in Normandy, France in 1875. He was a cubist, abstract painter, and printmaker. He was born into a wealthy and creative family, which resulted in Villon and all 3 of his siblings pursuing careers in the arts. 

Villon’s grandfather started training him artistically from a young age, focusing mostly on engraving and printmaking. Villon’s grandfather was the subject of one of his earliest known prints. 

In 1894, Villon and his brother moved to Paris, where he gained permission from his father to study art as long as he continued to study law at the same time. Naturally, his interest in a law career waned quickly and for the next 10 years, he worked in graphic media by submitting cartoons and illustrations to newspapers in Paris. 

Some of these submissions were political in nature, and the story goes that in order to protect his family’s name from this political content he changed his name to Jacques Villon. 

By 1895 Villon was enrolled at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. He also took classes at the Académie Julian between 1904 and 1905 where he exhibited works mostly in the Neo-impressionist style. 

In 1906 Villon moved away from his bustling Parisian neighborhood into the quieter neighborhood of Puteaux on the outskirts of Paris. During this time he devoted more of his time to working on drypoint, his favored method of engraving.

It was this move, along with Villon’s reclusive personality, which led to his work remaining unknown and obscure for many years. 

Villon’s colorful, geometric art took inspiration from the real world and combined this with lively compositions. Even some of his most abstract work offers subtle suggestions of landscapes and recognizable figures. 

Villon is most well-known for his purely graphic form of cubism, Something that no other printmaker, including famous cubist Pablo Picasso, could claim. 

Villon died in his studio in Puteaux in 1963. 

1. The Game Of Solitaire

the game of solitaire

image: wikiart

The Game of Solitaire’ was created in 1904 by Jacques Villon in Art Nouveau (Modern) style showing women playing cards with a dog sitting beside her.

2. The Dining Table

the dining table by Jacques Villon

image: wikiart

The Dining Table was made in the year 1912 by Jacques Villon in Cubism style.

3. Girl At The Piano (Fillette au piano)

girl at the piano made

image: wikiart

‘Girl at the Piano (Fillette au piano)’ was created in 1912 by Jacques Villon in Cubism style.

4. Birds in Flight

birds in flight by Jacques Villon

image: wikiart

Birds in Flight was made in the year 1958 by Jacques Villon showing a cubism-type image of 3 birds flying.

5. Portrait De  J.L.B

Portrait de J.L.B

image: wikiart

‘Portrait de J.L.B.’ was created by Jacques Villon in Cubism style.

6. La Lutte

la lutte by Jacques Villon

image: wikiart

La Lutte was created in the year 1957 by Jacques Villon in cubism Style with a touch of abstract artwork.

7. Man Sitting

man sitting

image: wikiart

‘Man sitting’ was created in 1958 by Jacques Villon in Cubism style.

8. Rider In The Ring

rider in the ring by Jacques Villon

image: wikiart

‘Rider in the Ring’ was created in 1952 by Jacques Villon in Cubism style.

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