Zhang Human Artworks: A Monumental Inspiration

Stories often start with an experience, and art; with a sight. Whether stories or pictures, it takes inspiration to convert those in your head into relevant pieces. Today, let’s talk about a combination of all these things. This is about the experience of sight, that inspired the story of art.

This art is a breathtaking monument that carries in its beauty, the purity and richness in the soul of Zhang Human, its artificer.

1.Like a Garden

Zhang Human had always had a creative mind. Thankfully, his hands were also designed to express the thoughts of his mind in artistic and detailed ways. His mind is like a garden full of trees and flowers.

Though all of them are fruits of beauty and are in the same land they are not of the same Seed. Just like his name, Zhang is a very humane person who values religions, faith, and philosophical questions about society. With this humanitarian nature, he would carefully nurture the thoughts in his mind into breathtaking artworks of Jesus, Buddha, and other heroes in their league.

This does not excuse the pressure he faced to lace his works with rather a political flavor. Zhang’s passion for religion even resonates in the artwork he makes. He would often go to temples and collect ashes from incense, and like a religious worshipper, he would reverently paint these religious protagonists or sometimes make beautiful sculptures of them.


After many years of artistic impact in America, Zhang thought it was time to come home. He packed his bags and headed for China. On getting to China, he settles into the hub of life in China. As he moved on with life, the philosophical garden in his mind began to yield again.

His mind coursed through the fate of his country and fellow human beings all over the world. he wondered where the man would dig out collective and consistent development. 

This was a world where society evolved and climates switched. The environments were not exactly perfect. Soon China would rise in influence and certain things would be required. What were they? Would China find home spiritually?

This cocktail of thoughts along with an immemorial painting of  sponsored the sculpting of Q Confucius No.2

3.The Monument 

The Q Confucius No.2 is a monumental sculpture that is about 10 meters in height, and mysteriously has an ability to look like it was breathing, thanks to its design when CH males its chest go up and down.

The details in this sculpture, just like the others,  a window for one to peer into Zhang’s heart. The sculpture of Confucius leaves the better part of his body in the water, and this part is almost invisible.

The enormity of the sculpture makes room for one to also captures an idea of how long he has lived, with a largely wrinkled, nowhere near fresh skin, a colored set of teeth, a wide nose, reflecting wisdom and experience.

The sculpture, however, tries to pass some messages. Will that be the weakening or total extinguishing of Confucianism?

4.Is it the bitter unclad reality that tries to unveil itself through art?

Maybe we’ll never get all the messages Zhang tried to pass across because art can be multidimensional and symbolic. 

But we see one message, that is the fact that, no matter how many years pass, and how many kingdoms come to pass, Confucius will forever breathe, Confucius lives on! 

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