Cabaret Scene

Cabaret Scene painting by salvador dali

Cabaret Scene by Salvador Dali

Cabaret Scene by Salvador Dali was produced in 1922 and is considered to be one of the famous artworks of Surrealism movement. The work can be viewed now at Private Collection


Medium: Oil Painting 

Subject(s): cabaret, woman


Cabaret Scene is an oil painting produced in 1922 by Spanish painter Salvador Dali.

Cabaret Scene was known as one of the most famous works of Salvador Dali by giving it a cubist influence.

With Cabaret Scene, Salvador Dali attempted a unique cubist experiment for the first time in his paintings. The work was between his earlier impressionist techniques and the surrealist technique which he had not developed yet. Pablo Picasso was another artist and Dali got the inspiration for this painting from him. Salvador Dali was once expelled from his school, the School of Fine Arts in Spain. He showed his inspiration widely through this painting. The dimensions of the painting Cabaret Scene were 52 cm × 41 cm (20 in × 16 in).

This painting contains various scenes in three-dimensional forms. Several men and women were shown in this painting with round tables between them thus giving an indication that the scene was from a restaurant. Many men were dressed gently in coats and a hat. On the table, a viewer can see a bottle of wine with two cups or glasses.

During the painting of Cabaret Scene, Salvador Dali said that behind the party there was an opened kitchen door from which we can hear the scurrying of women with red hands. They were bestial women and he could catch the glimpse of their hairs that were straggling and heavy rumps.

The work cannot be viewed as owned by a private collection of Francois Petit in Paris


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