Curtain, Jug and Fruit Bowl

Nature in Art depicted by Curtain, Jug and Fruit Bowl

Curtain, Jug and Fruit Bowl by Paul Cezanne

Curtain, Jug and Fruit Bowl by Paul Cezanne was produced in 1894 and is considered to be one of the famous artworks of Post Impressionism movement. The work can be viewed now at Whitney Museum of American Art, New York


Medium: Oil Painting 

Subject(s): feast, nature


Curtain, Jug and Fruit Bowl is a painting produced in 1894 by French artist Paul Cézanne.

One of the most famous masterpieces of Post-Impressionism, and has been considered to be the most expensive still life ever sold.

The painting was sold for $ 60. 5 million at Sotheby’s New York in 1999, but later it was resold. The name of the painting describes what one can actually see – curtain, jug, and bowl with fruits. Everything is very carefully and realistically painted, as if the observer looks at the real scene. The artist skillfully solved the problem of space; it looks three-dimensional, although the surface of the painting is two-dimensional. The painting evokes the sensation of the smell of the fruit which looks like it can be taken off the table, and creates a pleasant, familiar atmosphere. Work transmits the artist’s sense of beauty and pleasure.

The work can be viewed at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, New York.


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