Hardkoolbome – Bosveld

Hardkoolbome - Bosveld Painting by Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef.

Hardkoolbome – Bosveld by Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef.

Hardkoolbome – Bosveld by Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef. was produced in 1945 and is considered to be one of the famous artworks of South African Art movement. The work can be viewed now at South Africa National Gallery


Medium: Oil Painting 

Subject(s): beauty, nature, trees


Hardkoolbome – Bosveld is an oil painting produced in 1945 by South African painter Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef.

Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef, a very talented painter, was an expert in producing landscape paintings based on a series of geometric structures by using lines, colors and flat surfaces. The artist hated the English system of artwork, which was widely known as the education of art, and he promoted to every South African artists to follow their own style and make certain set of rules for themselves. He always followed his heart and new ideas.

South Africa was influenced with the English artwork because of the large European immigrant artists in 19th century. They had their own different perspective as they grew in Europe and rely on it rather than visuals from what they observe. This painting was first published in South Africa when ts copyright protection got expired because the work meets one criterion among a certain list.

The work can be viewed at South Africa National Gallery.


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