Illumined Pleasures

Illumined Pleasures Painting by Salvador Dali.

Illumined Pleasures by Salvador Dali

Illumined Pleasures by Salvador Dali was produced in 1929 and is considered to be one of the famous artworks of Surrealism movement. The work can be viewed now at Modern Museum of Art, New York


Medium: Oil Painting 

Subject(s): box, surreal


Illumined Pleasures is an oil painting produced in 1929 by Spanish painter Salvador Dali.

The size of the painting compared with the level of detail, here it reveals how Salvador Dali managed to compress many things in his canvas, and why he was known as the great talent of miniaturists.

In this painting Illumined Pleasures, Dali’s middlebox was similar to the one used in The Great Mastur:bator and a self-portrayed of himself. On the left-hand side of the painting, there was another box from which a man shoots at a rock. This rock symbolizes as the head of the person from which blood was flowing from the holes that were created by to bullets. The blood flowing from the head and nose symbolizes the fear. Dali’s painting Illumined Pleasures was rather filled with violent images. In the foreground of the painting, the couple seems to be struggling.

The luminous imagery projected on to the boxes of theater-like structure dominated the painting and its composition such that the title of this picture coincides close to it. Dali had to show a disjunction between the illusion world and the reality which he experienced in the darkness of a theater. The dimensions of the painting Illumined Pleasures were 34.7 x 23.8 cm or 9 3/8 in x 13 3/4 in.

Dali’s head appears through the middle theater shaped like box placed in the middle while universal dreams and anxiety role play below. This scene displays the script of Un Chien Andalou which was being shot and published in La Revolution surrealist later in a journal. Many other Surrealist painters had used these theater shaped like box in their paintings.

The work can be viewed at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA


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