Impression Sunrise

Impression Sunrise Painting byClaude Monet.

Impression Sunrise by Claude Monet

Impression Sunrise by Claude Monet was produced in 1872 and is considered to be one of the famous artworks of Impressionism movement. The work can be viewed now at Musée Marmottan Monet, Paris.


Medium: Oil Painting 

Subject(s): nature, sky


Impression Sunrise is an oil painting produced in 1872 by French painter Claude Monet.

Impression Sunrise is one of the most famous paintings of the harbor and it depicts the port of Le Havre also Claude Monet’s hometown.

In this painting, the sun was shown with orange, blue, and violet contrast by Monet, and it was placed against the dawn sky. The clouds were colored similar to by the rising sun in the dense mist as it was a very misty morning on the harbor. The scene gave hints of color orange and yellow in the harbor water which appear as a reflection due to the sunrise. The shipmasters were sometimes disrupted several times by the rippling water which was shown by the color of the rippling water and also the silhouettes of the boats in the morning seems to be disappearing into the mist. The scene painted depicted from Monet painting was from the harbor of LeHavre, France.

The portrait was sketched in oil paints on canvas and then was executed quickly by Monet to capture the atmospheric natural light. The picture characterizes Monet’s work throughout his life because while Monet was on vacation, Impression Sunrise was sketched. One day, Monet was looking out his window from his home, one spring morning and he felt the scene live from his eyes and decided to paint it. Monet worked with quick sketches on how to capture a particular light effect through colors that were very spontaneous.

At first, Monet was not happy with the title of the painting Harbor of LeHavre, he thought that the title was not giving enough detail so then the name Impression Sunrise was given and from that time, Monet titled most of his paintings with the starting name “Impression” for this reason. Impression Sunrise in April 1874 was exhibited in an exhibition by the group “Painters, Sculptors, Engravers” and quickly became the most famous after being debuted in Paris.

The work can be viewed at Musée Marmottan Monet, Paris.


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