Mural in Kreuzberg by BLU

Mural Blu

Mural in Kreuzberg by BLU by Blu

Mural in Kreuzberg by BLU by Blu was produced in 17th Century and is considered to be one of the famous artworks of Street Art movement. The work can be viewed now at Berlin Streets


Medium: Oil Painting 



Mural art at Cuvrystraße is a street art mural produced by Italian artist Blu, who conceals his real identity

A mural art at Cuvrystraße in a multi-ethnic neighborhood called Kreuzberg. This is produced by BLU, an Italian artist who conceals his real identity

Blu creates large scale pieces that have a puzzle like message that is poignant when you see it. This street art created by BLU sparked a lot of strong, different reactions that were rooted deeply into the differences between East and West Berlin. Who would have thought that a wall painting depicting two masked figure trying to unmask each other could illicit such strong reactions?

Now the issue behind this mural is a totally different matter to discuss. But whether or not the effect of the mural was good, it cannot be denied how a well crafted piece of art can have a great impact to society.

Berlin is a must visit for street art


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