Music in the Tuileries

Music in the Tuileries by Edouard Manet

Music in the Tuileries by Edouard Manet was produced in 1862 and is considered to be one of the famous artworks of Impressionism movement. The work can be viewed now at The Hugh Lane, Dublin


Medium: Oil Painting 

Subject(s): canal, harmony, village, water, woman


Music in the Tuileries is an oil painting produced in 1862 by French painter Edouard Manet.

Music in the Tuileries currently is owned by The National Gallery, London, and The Hugh Lane, Dublin jointly.

In this painting Music in the Tuileries, although no musicians were shown, the painting depicts the Parisians gathering in the Tuileries as a weekly concert near the Louvre. Many regarded the canvas to be incomplete and also viewer can imagine the music and conversation. The environment during the weekly concert depicts at that time what the Tuileries gardens were like. In 1862, the wooden chairs in the garden replaced the iron chairs as shown in the foreground of the picture. Several figures including artist, authors, musicians and family friends attend the weekly concert as shown in the painting. Manet, the artist is also present in the picture on the far left with his friend Albert de Balleroy another artist and painter.

Zacharie Astruc was also visible on the right side of the painting; she was seated and known for as a sculptor and a critic. In the foreground was the Manet’s brother, Eugene Manet who was present right of center wearing white trousers. Jacques Offenbach was regarded as the best composer and was seated against a tree wearing glasses and a mustache. Another critic was Theophile Gautier wearing a brown suit and full beard stands against a tree.

The canvas dimensions measures 76.2 cm × 118.1 cm or 30 in × 46.5 in. In 1863, Music in the Tuileries was first exhibited after that Manet sold the picture in 1883 to Jean Baptiste Faure an opera singer and collector. In 1898, again the painting was sold to Durand Ruel who was a well-known dealer and then in 1903 to Sir Hugh Lane merely a collector. After a court dispute, both the National Gallery of London and the Hugh lane of Dublin decided to share the painting after every five years.

The work can be viewed at The Hugh Lane, Dublin



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