Poppy fields near Argenteuil

Poppy fields near Argenteuil Painting by Claude Monet.

Poppy fields near Argenteuil by Claude Monet

Poppy fields near Argenteuil by Claude Monet was produced in 1873 and is considered to be one of the famous artworks of Impressionism movement. The work can be viewed now at Rancho Mirage, New York


Medium: Oil Painting 

Subject(s): field, nature, woman


Poppy fields near Argenteuil is an oil painting produced in 1873 by French painter Claude Monet.

The artist, Claude Monet first painted the subject shown in this canvas, two years earlier in the Poppies near Argenteuil which can be viewed at Musée d’Orsay, Paris.

Monet painted the canvas which depicts a vivid splash of poppies gently moving in the breeze. Monet effectively brings out the red poppies in the green field. Although, the position of the poppies seems uncertain to viewers as they appear in the quiver. In the front of the painting, Monet sketches figures with the simple use of strokes of color violet, white and black. The figure featuring was of Camille and jean respectively. At the top position of the painting, similar figures of them appear. The artist here gives more importance to the suggestion of color rather than the accurate record of the position of figures.

The work can be viewed at Rancho Mirage, New York.

Poppy fields near Argenteuil is an oil painting produced in 1873 by French painter Claude Monet.

Claude Monet painted the canvas outside his home in Argenteuil. These paintings tell us about the artist’s love for color. The sky seems to be filled with moving clouds and Camille holding an umbrella tells us that she was hoping and ready for a raining day. The poppies can’t be seen in the field if the color were removed.

This painting gives the impression of a landscape and to be noted that the impressionists painted not the landscape. Everything painted here was suggested and nothing is exactly painted. Monet chose the shades of green and red as evoked by mood. It has been noted that the hillside would be stagnant if all the flowers were painted with another color rather than the one currently used.


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