The Disquieting Muses

The Disquieting Muses Painting by Giorgio de Chirico.

The Disquieting Muses by Giorgio de Chirico

The Disquieting Muses by Giorgio de Chirico was produced in 1916-1918 and is considered to be one of the famous artworks of Metaphysical art movement. The work can be viewed now at Giorgio de Chirico


Medium: Oil Painting 

Subject(s): muses


The Disquieting Muses is an oil painting produced between 1916 and 1918 by Italian painter Giorgio de Chirico.

A copy of this painting is still located at the Italian Trade Commission (ITC) office in New York City.

Giorgio de Chirico’s painting The Disquieting Muses was painted when he was living in Ferrara, the conflict of first World War was ongoing. A scene of the Castello Estense with industrial buildings was painted in the background of this painting where Chirico had earlier lived. In the foreground of this painting were two muses dressed in classical style. There two muses were placed in between several subjects. One muses was standing while the other was sitting. Several objects include a mask of red color, allusion of Thalia and Melpomene and the comedy, tragedy of the muses. At the background of this scene was the leader of the muses in a statue form. His name was Apollo.

This painting was considered as one of the most famous work in metaphysical art by Chirico. It was painted in the home city of the artist and included many parts from it and he also suggested that it was the perfect metaphysical city. Castello Estense was a large castle included in the background of this painting build in the center of the city.

Later, The Disquieting Muses became inspirations for many poets including Sylvia Plath and Mark Strand. The title of the poem was The Disquieting Muses and Two de Chiricos. The dimensions of the painting The Disquieting Muses were 97.16 cm × 66 cm or 38 1⁄4 in × 26 in.

The work can be viewed at Gianni Mattioli Collection, Milan


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