Annunciation is a painting produced between 1472 and 1475 by Italian artist Leonardo Da vinci.

Annunciation is Leonardo da Vinci first major work, perhaps with the help of his master Andrea del Verrocchio’s workshop, he executed a large painting by his own hand.

The composition follows with the angel on the left (The Archangel Gabriel), the Virgin on the right (Mary), and a lectern in between them. Leonardo maintains a respectable distance between Mary and the Angel, sitting at a reading desk. The Angel explains that she was destined to be the mother of the Son of God named Jesus. The Angel, Archangel Gabriel was kneeling in the garden of the Virgin. The Angel, holding a Madonna Lilly in her left hand is kneeling and her right hand was raised in greeting. Here, Madonna Lily represents a symbol of Mary’s purity. Mary, The Virgin was surprised while reading on the sitting desk raises her hand towards the Angel in a gesture of astonishment.

The work can be viewed at Uffizi, Florence, Italy

Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
Location: Uffizi Gallery, Florence
Medium: Oil and tempera on panel


Annunciation is a painting produced between 1472 and 1475 by Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci.

The composition, the Archangel Gabriel and the landscapes are certain aspects of Annunciation which are pure da Vinci work but it is a fact that some details of the painting such as wings of the angel should have been repainted by another hand and the marble sarcophagus by Andrea del Verrocchio. He was Leonardo da Vinci’s master. It is known that the work is a collaboration of several artists with finishing touches of the painting completed by Leonardo only.

Leonardo’s master used lead-based paint and heavy brush strokes. He also left a note for da Vinci to finish the background and the angel on the painting. Leonardo used light brush strokes only and no lead. Researchers came to a conclusion that when the Annunciation was x-rayed, Verrocchio’s work was evident (visible to them) while Leonardo’s angel was invisible.

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