Aquis Submersus

Aquis Submersus is an oil painting produced in 1919 by German painter Max Ernst.

Max Ernest was influenced with another painting having same name Aquis submersus by Theodor Storm which was published in 1876.

Aquis Submersus depicts a scene surrounded by building where there was a swimming pool. Aquis Submersus meaning is submerged in water. Max Ernst use of the dimensions of the buildings was unclear. It appears that the images of the buildings were drawn from hand. The building against the sky was leaving its own shadow like a wall. The clock was hanging on the sky and its reflection into the water is uncertain as the reflected image was of the moon. Inside the pool was a female or a child body in an upside down manner as if it just landed on the water. The legs and waist of the figure were the only things that were above the water. It was assumed by the viewer that the figure was either drowning or diving into the pool.

The work can be viewed at Stadelsches Kunstinstitut und Stadtische Galerie, Frankfurt

Artist: Max Ernst
Location: Stadelsches Kunstinstitut und Stadtische Galerie, Frankfurt
Medium: Oil on Canvas
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Aquis Submersus is an oil painting produced in 1919 by German painter Max Ernst.

In the foreground of this painting, was a statue with no arms, the figure appears to be made up of clay material. Its shadow was leaving in the direction of the pool similar to a nearby shadow on the lower left hand side of the painting. The figure was looking away from the buildings and the pool and it bears a mustache which was similar to Max Ernst’s father but many features of the figure could be interpreted as a woman.

This painting canvas was small and when Max Ernest painted on this, he was at the threshold of surrealist art. As, this painting was reacting to the unrealistic or magical world which does not exist. The surrealist form in this painting was that it rejected the stringent logic. As the reflection of the clock hanging on the sky was moon onto the water. The dimensions of the painting Aquis Submersus were 54 cm × 43.8 cm or 21.26 in × 17.24 in.

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