Assumption of Virgin

Assumption of Virgin is a large oil painting produced between 1516 and 1518 by Italian artist Titian .

Assumption of Virgin was one of the largest altarpieces in the city, Venice

In this painting, Titian divided the exquisite work of Biblical art simply into three sections. Terrestrial plane depicts the lowest register where the disciples witness the assumption next the Virgin Mary soars in upward direction and she was surrounded by a swarm of angelic cherubim in the middle section, the top section represents Heaven where God awaits The Virgin Mary. The star shown in the painting is the Madonna and she was shown in a whirl of drapery on solid-looking clouds being elevated in upwards direction. The most famous Assumption in Renaissance art was when Mary is assumed into heaven. Here, looking at Assumption of Virgin one gets a feeling that Mary is not just a symbol of salvation but perhaps a symbol of Venice.

The work can be viewed at Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Venice

LocationBasilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Venice
Mediumoil on panel

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