Bathers at Asnieres

Bathers at Asnieres is an oil painting produced in 1884 by French painter Georges Seurat.

In 1884, Georges Seurat was only twenty-four years old when he completed this picture.

The location depicted in the portrait was just from the center of Paris only short of four miles. The figures shown in the painting on the river bank were actually not in the commune of Asnieres but it was in the Courbevoie. Courbevoie was a commune bordering Asnieres to the west and the figures of the bathers were on the river bank called Seine. Most of the left hand side drawn by Georges Seurat contains a formation of slope which was originally known as the Cote des Ajoux. The slope, Cote des Ajoux was situated on the northern bank of the river Seine, near the end of rue des Ajoux. In this painting, one can notice the island of la Grande Jatte which was opposite to the slope and to the east tip of which is the slope. The right side of which is shown by the trees.

The work can be viewed at National Gallery, London.

ArtistGeorges Seurat
LocationNational Gallery, London
MediumOil on Canvas

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