Blick in Griechenlands Blüte

The Blick in Griechenlands Blüte (View of the Flower of Greece) is a painting produced around 1825 by German artist Karl Friedrich Schinkel

A landscape painting in which nature and cultivated human activity are in harmony. Shinkel depicted the socially unified effect of a major building project; against the backdrop of a beautiful urban Greek landscape where masculine Greek men erect an iconic temple with a double entryway. The original painting went missing and Wilhelm Ahlborn recreated it, which can be seen in museums. For Schinkel, the construction of a temple was an achievement and a symbol of a harmonious community as his vision of new Athens, post Turkish domination was characterized through his works

The work can be viewed at Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin


ArtistKarl Friedrich Schinkel
LocationAlte Nationalgalerie, Berlin
MediumOil on Canvas

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