Boating is an oil painting produced in 1874 by French painter Edouard Manet.

Boating was termed as the last word in painting by Mary Cassatt when it was shown in the Salon of 1879.

Boating was painted across the Seine at Argenteuil. Manet also spent time with other artist Monet and Renoir at the same place. In 1874, Edouard Manet during summer lived in Gennevilliers. Manet had used and adopted the lighter touch and palette in his earlier works which he learnt from his impressionist younger colleagues. This time Manet adopted the broad color schemes and strong Japanese print diagonals which gave inimitable form to the canvas and several scenes of outdoor leisure. Rodolphe Leenhoff was brother-in-law of Edouard Manet and he was thought to have posed as the sailor for the canvas but the identity of the woman is still unknown. Manet’s family home was opposite of Argenteuil at Gennevilliers on the Seine.

The work can be viewed at Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

ArtistEdouard Manet
LocationThe Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
MediumOil on Canvas

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