Danae with Nursemaid

Danae with Nursemaid is an oil painting produced between 1553 and 1554 by Italian artist Titian.

Titian painted the first series of the Danae painting when he was over fifty years old.

The painting Danae with Nursemaid describes a key moment of Danae. Danae was locked up by the king and she fears for her life after being told that her son would kill the king. Danae then becomes Zeus love interest. The father of gods, penetrates the princess Danae chambers in the form of a golden shower as well as a son named Perseus. Looking closely at the incoming golden shower, Danae gently tilts her neck towards them parting slightly her legs. She appears to be welcoming the golden shower and feeling grateful to the rain of affection. Danae most unconstrained and sexually charged self was clearly reflected in the painting Danae with Nursemaid.

The work can be viewed at Museo del Prado, Madrid.

Artist: Titian
Location: Museo del Prado, Madrid
Medium: Oil on Canvas


Danae with Nursemaid is an oil painting produced between 1553 and 1554 by Italian artist Titian.

Titian paintings are famous for their frankness and are often compared with the artist’s another painting the Venus of Urbino on the basis of thematically and compositionally. Danae directly lacks the intimacy of the Venus of Urbino painting and has a more clear narrative purpose to it. It is thus less intimately erotic compared to other painting than it is lustful and sexual.

A diagonal bisects the paintings as it is extending from top left corner of the painting to lower right, establishing the juxtaposition between the mistress and her maid. The painting Danae with Nursemaid showed her light-skinned abundant figure which was sprawling on white sheets occupies the lower resultant triangle whereas the maid stands in the second, upper triangle. Danae with Nursemaid artist Titian, revels in exploring Danae’s passion and lingering on her body at the same time he ridicules and exposes the maid.


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