Madonna and Child and Two Angels

The Madonna and Child and Two Angels is a painting produced around 1465 by French artist Filippo Lippi

One of the extremely well known and most admired masterpieces of The Renaissance and has always considered as one of the best lyrical expressions of Lippi’s art

The Madonna sits on a seat, and has an extensive style with a delicate cover and pearls. Child is held not by the Madonna, but rather by two holy messengers, one of which, in the frontal area, grins towards the onlooker. Behind them is a stunning landscape inspired by Flemish paintings. The angel in the foreground looks towards the spectator with a smile. Madonna’s head is bowed in reverence and looking at one of the angels, who smiles at someone outside the frame of painting

The technique of using soft light is well executed through transparency of the veil and halo creates the illusion of movement rather than of stiffness.

The work can be viewed at Uffizi Gallery, Florence


ArtistFilippo Lippi
LocationUffizi Gallery, Florence
MediumTempera on Panel

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